The people listed below are being looked for by viewers. If you know their whereabouts, please use the "Contact" button on the navbar and send a message and I will enter it in the appropriate place.

Hazel Mathews


Does any one know the whereabouts of Hazel Mathews who lived in Nairobi & Mombasa, Kenya. Hazel was about 17 years of age in 1961. Her step father was Bob Coltart who worked for East African Railways.

This may be a clue?

Alison Julia Miles <>

Regarding Hazel she looks like the bridesmaid at my parents wedding, I don't know the year they were married but I do know my dad was in the police force and I was born in Nanyuki. He was David and he married Winnefred from South Africa.

Hazel, her step sister and me at Bamburi 1962?

Kirkham Family- Earnest Kirkham, Pamela Kirkham and Philip Kirkham


 If anyone has any information please mail

Josette Cousins nee Furneaux <>

Russell Broadley <>

I recently 'stumbled' across your mini bio on 'The Kenya Pages' and saw that you were involved with the East African Railways Construction, probably in the 50's.

I wondered if you ever knew a Douglas Russell who was heavily involved in the railways in Kenya through the 50's and into the early 60's. He was a very close friend of my Dad throughout the war and kept in contact with us (in the UK). He paid us a visit in the 60's with his wife and family. I remember they had a baby son named Brian. I, myself was named Russell, after Douglas.

I know this is a long shot ................... but you never know if you don't ask !

Roy Pickering

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Subject: Join the Kenya Guest Page. Missing person


Comment: Dear Peter, I wonder if you would display this photo on your missing persons page please. This is a old friend of my wife's father who has sadly now died. We would love to get in touch with this man as he may be able to tell us about their life in Kenya in the early 1960's. Although we have this picture, unfortunately we don't know his name, except we think it might be John. The photo was taken in Nairobi around 1966 we think. If anyone recognises him we would love for them to contact us.Thanks very much for help. We love the website - absolutely fascinating. Regards, Roy.

Debbie Ryan

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Phone number: +27333460301  (South Africa)


I was born in Nairobi March 1967 and given up for adoption. Can you assist with any info re biological parents?

Mary E Willis

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Phone number: 07743933197


Message: I would like to trace an English woman from Oxford/Walton-upon-Thames, called Elizabeth Marion MacQueen who worked as a nurse employed by the Ministry of Health in Nairobi during the 1960s and possibly beyond. If you have any information whatsoever, please would you be kind enough to contact me.

Christine wanja

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Phone number: 0723604512


Hello,I am looking for my Dad he is from Meru, and once worked at the aviation school. Can you help?


Name....Abadiahs Munene 

From....Kenya Meru district 

Occupation.....East African school of Aviation 

Previous........ Dagoretti branch 


Three brothers but not sure 

No photos 

No birth date

Magoba Brian


Phone: 0775970851


I am looking for my Father, a Kenyan called Egesa Wilberforce born in Busia funyula and graduated in engineering at Nairobi University. I am now in Uganda really suffering. Any information would be gratefully received. 

Tom Tobin

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Phone number: 508-380-302`1


Does anyone know the whereabouts of a Lesley Smith raised in Kenya around Eldoret around 1966 -67

Gordon Bell

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dorothy O'Grady (nee Du Plessis) ex Loreto Convent Msongari. She was last heard of in Durban running a bakery . She was the daughter of Betty Du Plessis. I urgently need to contact her but there is no reply from her last email address .

Name: Edwin


Phone: 0702703156/0738900847


Subject: Missing person


Hello friends and family.the attached photo is for Stephen Ngigi Waweru(uncle) who went missing. Anyone who has seen him ,kindly inform the family or you can reach us through this numbers.0702703156/0729093928:

Mitchell Awuor Opondo


Phone: 0795846767


Subject: Finding missing Mitchell Opondo.

I am kindly asking everyone from the bottom of my heart to help me find Mitchell,who went missing from 5th.Nov. Anyone who might come across her please contact me through this numbers 0795846767/0712144284/0720906747 or kindly report to the nearest police station.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Dr Tony Johnston

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Tony's New Zealand family are trying to locate his whereabouts in Kenya. This is most likely in or around Nairobi. If anyone has any information please email me. Tony worked with the United Nations in the area of population control and has been in Kenya for about 30 years.

Name: Catherine Maxon

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Phone number: 4199133925


Message: I am advocating for a family that is missing a man since 2011, from Uganda. It's rumored that he may've ended up in Kenya. His name is Ikendi Isaac. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Alexandra Hanley



I am trying to find a person that I once knew, I found your web site in my search and found it a place to write this sensitive story...I hope whoever reads this message will pause and understand what it is like to lose a person who was Very special, and yet I hardly knew. Somehow, it was sad fate... I am from New York City. Madison Avenue.. There was a man who lived there for less then a year.


His name was Andreas, I never knew his last name. I regret that I never asked him, and this is unfortunate .. Andreas is/was 6ft 2"

with blond hair and blue eyes. He was at that time extraordinary looking. Soft natured. Perhaps he was sad... He was from Kenya and Lived on a coffee plantation that his father owned. He told me that he had gone to English boarding schools... Andreas would be

About 68 now. This 25 years ago... He disappeared from NYC.. I later found out that he had been hurt. Some person or persons hurt him. They beat him..... I visited Kenya twice, now a long time ago now, hoping a that I would find some news of him. The people I asked could not give any information.... He also told me he made saddles, if that is a help. I am sure he was a good rider. How many Coffee Plantations could possibly be owned by expats?? He mentioned a daughter, and a sister.


I was not sure of his marital status. He mentioned a wife who had black hair..I have always wondered about him and felt a deep connection with him. I believe it was with him as well... Is it possible that someone by word of mouth could possibly know a man who fits this description. And if so. Alexandra from NYC

Would very much like to know about him. I hope he is still with us and not deceased. I hope that he is well. My dream is

That I would see him again. we would talk whenever we saw one another..


Thank you Very much,