Phil Sykes - ex Thompson's Falls.

John Lomax

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Phone number: +447473680480


I am trying to track down a school friend from the time i was at the Duke of York School Nairobi in the 60s, his name is Peter Rhodes-Jones

Babette Brown

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Jambo Bwana! I have just come across your site, when trying to find information about Vera Zerkowitz. I am wondering if there is now more info about her; she  was already teaching ballet at S. Andrews School Turi, when I arrived there in 1946 and I again went to her classes in Nairobi. Am I right in thinking she was in the Kirov ballet? I have lived in London since 1956. I visited NZ in 1965 and still have friends there. Did Tiki tours. I became a solicitor and worked at The Law Society here until 1998. Hope you had a good Sikuku. Kwa Heri.

Stewart Wilkie

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 I was called up into the Regiment ,(7174), in 1960 while living and working in Kenya. I have very happy memories of those days

Could you possibly advise me if, and where, I can possibly purchase a Kenya Regiment Badge.


[ These people had some a couple of years ago: . There usually is a Kenya Regiment Association representative somewhere in each country.]

Andrew Buchan

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I was born on the 23/09/1962 at Nakuru War memorial Hospital. I was born with Spina Bifida. I was kept in the hospital for 3 weeks according to my father. I was flown to the United Kingdom for an operation on the Spina Bifida. I was just wondering if the hospital has kept any records of me.


Andrew Buchan


[As you can see on the Home page, the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital is abandoned. It has been replaced by a new Hospital nearby. As to records, they may still have them but most records of Colonial days were either destroyed or sent to Summerset House in the UK, some to other places. My birth certificate ended up in Norway of all places! I would start by approaching the Nakuru  Hospital Board and work from there. The hospital where you had the surgery may have copies from Nakuru. I wish you the best of luck. Peter.]

Ted Downer

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My name is Ted Downer. My wife and I (\'Small\' previously Hutton nee McFarland) live in Sydney and would like to hear from old friends. We are both heavily involved in the Kenya Regiment Assoc. (Ted) and Kenya Police Assoc. (Small), attend the All Kenya Schools Picnic, also Kenya/Australia Assoc., but we would still like to hear from friends from the past (D.O.Y.,Boma and Nbi Primary, also Temple College). Does anyone remember Joy McFarlane, Terry and Pat Clegg or Caroline Green?

Tina Duff-Dobson (née Herbert)

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Phone number: New Zealand 021 523343 / UK 07477458969


My sister Posy and I were born in Mombasa and lived there till we finished at Loreto, Mombasa in 1961 and 1962. I went to Edinburgh and Posy went to Durban. I live in NZ though have spent the last 5 years going back and forth to England.

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Mary E Willis

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I would like to trace an English woman from Oxford/Walton-upon-Thames, called Elizabeth Marion MacQueen who worked as a nurse employed by the Ministry of Health in Nairobi during the 1960s and possibly beyond. If you have any information whatsoever, please would you be kind enough to contact me.

Christine wanja

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Hello,I am looking for my Dad he is from Meru, and once worked at the aviation school. Can you help?


For more details please select the "Missing People" tab on the Navbar.

Brad Boles

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I'm working on a book about the Life of June Zwager who has lived in Kenya since 1950. She has owned the Djinn Palace on the shores of lake Naivasha since 1968. her and her husband purchased the famous Happy Valley home from Diana Delamere. June\'s parents Frank and Phil Ashworth also lived in Nairobi and had purchased the Hoppy Inn on Ngong road from old Hoppy Marshal and changed the name to the Border Inn. If there is anyone that has any stories about Diana Delamere the Happy Valley set and also the Ashworth family or the Zwager family and would like to share for inclusion in the book. I would appreciate any stories you may have and look forward to hearing from you. Thank You Brad Boles

Sherry Hatfield (nee stewart)

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Phone number: 0393902310 Australia

Message: My brother Roy, born in Nyeri 1955, and I, spent till 1963 in Kenya. I now live in Australia and my brother lives in New Zealand. Does anyone know us, or have shared memories? I attended Nairobi and my father was in the Kenya Police Force. We knew a family called the Wakeley, Davis and a number of others. Does anyone have photos of the classes or memories?

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Magoba Brian


Phone: 0775970851


I am looking for my Father, a Kenyan called Egesa Wilberforce born in Busia funyula and graduated in engineering at Nairobi University. I am now in Uganda really suffering. Any information would be gratefully received. 

Ronald Standfield



I am Ron (Ronnie) Standfield - ( Kauri Dundee) nearly 84 now.

I have lived in Tauranga since I arrived in N. Z. with young family in 1964. I attended Kitale Primary School, then Prince of Wales school about 1944 to 1948. I was born in Eldoret in 1931 - Ken Regt. No.6145.

Joe Burke

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I am looking for John Jordan (born Nairobi about 1942) and wife Brenda née Breda. We were friends 1975 onwards when I worked in Arusha  and Nairobi, and I lost contact around 1989 when I departed East Africa. Any information will be appreciated. Signed, Joe Burke

Deborah Jackson (neé Connell)

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Born in Scotland 1951, spent part of my childhood in Nairobi and attended Woodley Primary School 1957 - 62, then Kenya Girls High as a boarder in Bronte House. I also was a member of the Pony Club, had riding lessons with a strict instructor Colonel Llewellyn. We had a house in Westwood Park Road, the house opposite belonged to Cunningham, the daughter\'s name was Pam. I have two older brothers who attended Duke of York, and a younger brother who was born in Nairobi - Brian, Anthony and Clive. Am desperately trying to get hold of photos of our house if it is still standing. Does anyone remember our crazy family?


[Try Google Earth or Google Maps]

Reserved space!

Michael Shute

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I was born in Nairobi in 1949, and would like to join the friends of Kenya. My father served in the Kenya regiment in the latter part of the Second World War, and again during the Mau Mau conflict.


Dave McCabe

Our condolences go to the family of Dave "Kebi" McCabe who died in Zimbabwe.

Dave was a staunch member of the Kenya Regiment, 4280, & the Kenya Game Department.

Tom Tobin

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I am trying to reach Lesley Smith who was born in the Eldoret area. She went to the convent school in Eldoret as did her younger sister and also taught there around 1966 thru 1968. Her father had a large farm near Eldoret. She did her college years at the University of Bangor in Wales. Any information on her whereabouts would be appreciated.


I lived in Eldoret during the 1966 - 1968 period. Would like to find the whereabouts of the Walmsley family. Their father was a dentist in Eldoret. Any information would be appreciated.

Martin Howard Samuel

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Message: July 1949, born in Mombasa – lived in Nairobi – my Dad, Arthur ('Sammy') Samuel, worked for the E.A.R.& H. and my Mother, Margaret ('Peggy'), for the Government – attended Parklands Primary School, Nairobi / Greensted's School, Nakuru / St. Mary's, Nairobi – moved to the U.K. then, S. Africa – now in the U.S.A. Kwaheri, Martin

Andi Daunt

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Hi, I have just published a family memoir, starting in Songhor prior to WW1, through Uhuru, to later years. It is interesting and full of insights into the local people and places during these times. I would love to be able to place information about this book on your site for others if possible. Thank you. For more information, I am on Facebook, or feel free to contact me by email. "Twenty Miles to say Goodbye" by Andi Daunt


Please go here for further details.

Virginia Middleton nee Jordan

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Phone: 021 7051243 or 083 348 79 57 (Cape Town)


Lived in Nairobi (South Hill) 1952 to 1965. Married Ron Middleton 1967 and moved to Karen. Went to Valley Road Convent from 1953 to 1955. St. Georges Primary School from 1956 to 1957. KHS from 1958 to 1961. Played Hockey etc at Parklands Sports Club where I met Ron Middleton. My folks Edna and John Jordan worked for EAR &H. My mother at the HQ and my father at the Mechanical Workshops.

Denys Roberts

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Beehive school Nanyuki 1947 to 1952. Saint Mary's 1953/4. Edgerton college 1955.Worked in Tanganyika on coffee shamba at Oldeani to 1957 returned to Kenya .Kenya Regiment 1957 second coarse. Apprenticeship Hugh's garage Nakuru 1957 to 1962. Moved to South Africa and joined Safmarine as a ships engineer. Married 1966 to Gilly Haylock ,one son and one daughter. After sea life changed direction and. Spent 24 years as a tea planter in SA , Malawi and Tanzania. Bought plot between Tanga and Pangani and developed a lodge / campsite which we owned and managed for 15 years. Sold in 2014 and retired to Napier Western Cape SA at the age of 77.

Kenneth V F Payet

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I went to Hill School Eldoret for a couple of years in 1943 to 1945. Transferred to Nakuru School. Got sick with Typhoid fever and spent 7 or 8 weeks in Nakuru War Memorial Hospital.


Went to Duke of York 1950 to 1953. Joined Kenya Regiment in 1954, went on the last training course in Salisbury Rhodesia. Many will remember me and brother Ted. I now live in retirement in Townsville, Australia (Tropical North Queensland)

John Wheatley

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I moved to Kenya at 3 years old with parents, father was a Captain in the British Army, living in Nanyuki in 1949 - 1952. My father retired from the army and returned to Kenya in the Prison Service 1953-1962. During this period I went to school at Thomsons Falls Boarding School near Thomsons Falls then in 1959 moved to the Duke of York in Nairobi, firstly as a day boy for 6 months then as a boarder in Mitchel house. Left Kenya in 1962 to join the RAF and returned to Kenya to Eastleigh in 1964, then on to Aden, Salalah and finally to MOD in Whitehall. Left the RAF in 1966 and joined the Computer Industry in which I stayed for over 35 years, traveling around the world. Spent 9 1/2 years in Johannesburg South Africa, 19 months in Melbourne Australia and 3 1/2 years in Rochester upstate New York, with periods between in the UK. Currently retired in Wales, with wonderful wife Marilyn and we have a daughter and twin boys.

Derek Wilson

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Hi I was Born in Ceylon lived in Tanzania 57/60 then Londiani Kenya 60/69 went to Hill School, then St Andrews Grahamstown SA, now live in SA

Brigid Richardson

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Can anyone tell me what happened to Peter Gerald Shillitoe No.1236 B Company 1st Battalion Kenya Regt. Nairobi - July l940, or how I can find out?


Go to 'Links>Kenya Regiment' on the Navbar.

Edwin Marsden

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I am retired in Bangkok Thailand. Presently trying to find Alan Grigor previously with me in Hill School Eldoret mid 40s.

Mansukh D. Pattni

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I was born in Mombasa, attended Kikowani primary, then in 1965, Allidina high school. Attended Kenya Science Teachers College 1969 - 1971 in Nairobi. Taught at Litein High School, Kericho until Dec 1973 . Returned to Mombasa and taught at New Era Institute of higher Education. In 1975 emigrated to UK. Married in 1976, had a daughter and two sons. All graduated from Uni, and married. I have four grand children. I often think about friends I made in Mombasa, KSTC - Nairobi. and Litein High School, Kericho.. If you remember me do get in touch

Vanessa Noon Aniere

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Phone: 254 720263945


I am trying to find any history of Madam Vera Zerkowitz especially on her early career and how she came to Kenya. I started ballet with her at Msongari Convent in about 1953 tks.

Alexandra Hanley



I am trying to find a person that I once knew, I found your web site in my search and found it a place to write this sensitive story...I hope whoever reads this message will pause and understand what it is like to lose a person who was Very special, and yet I hardly knew. Somehow, it was sad fate... I am from New York City. Madison Avenue.. There was a man who lived there for less then a year.


His name was Andreas, I never knew his last name. I regret that I never asked him, and this is unfortunate .. Andreas is/was 6ft 2"

with blond hair and blue eyes. He was at that time extraordinary looking. Soft natured. Perhaps he was sad... He was from Kenya and Lived on a coffee plantation that his father owned. He told me that he had gone to English boarding schools... Andreas would be

About 68 now. This 25 years ago... He disappeared from NYC.. I later found out that he had been hurt. Some person or persons hurt him. They beat him..... I visited Kenya twice, now a long time ago now, hoping a that I would find some news of him. The people I asked could not give any information.... He also told me he made saddles, if that is a help. I am sure he was a good rider. How many Coffee Plantations could possibly be owned by expats?? He mentioned a daughter, and a sister.


I was not sure of his marital status. He mentioned a wife who had black hair..I have always wondered about him and felt a deep connection with him. I believe it was with him as well... Is it possible that someone by word of mouth could possibly know a man who fits this description. And if so. Alexandra from NYC

Would very much like to know about him. I hope he is still with us and not deceased. I hope that he is well. My dream is

That I would see him again. we would talk whenever we saw one another..


Thank you Very much,