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Douglas Bolton

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I am the son of Bruce Bolton of RUMURUTI Dad died 1979.

Roger Neil Russell

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Hi, I was born in Eldoret in 1947 and moved to Mombasa around 1952. I went to Loreto Convent there but smashed up my arm in a car accident. I went to secondary school in the UK and then in SA at Marist Bros Inanda. My elder sister is Jane and the other two sisters Jackie and Jill are all living in SA. I started in the mines in 1968 and lived and worked all over Africa; Namibia, Congo, Zambia and SA. I have retired and now live and write on a boat at the Hermitage Marina in Cambridgeshire. I love Africa and bless its role in my life.

Terrence Gale

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Hi if there is any one out there who went to Nairobi primary and Delemere schools in the 1950s that remembers me and my sisters Susan and Lynda, Dad Bill Gale. I would like to hear from you. Kind regards to all Terry .

Lawrence Morrow

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My name is Lawrence and we lived in Nakuru from 52 to 63. I went to Lugard primary and lived just across the road in houses given to railway employees. My father ARCHIE was a steam locomotive driver and he loved every minute we were there. To me Nakuru was one giant play ground, if I was not playing in the show grounds I was in the engine sheds or at the sport club ; did they ever finish the swimming pool? I would love to hear from anyone with similar memories.

Debbie Ryan

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I was born in Nairobi March 1967 and given up for adoption. Can you assist with any info re biological parents?

Neil Stewart McLeod

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I grew up in Kenya arriving in 1951 and leaving in 1958, my father worked for the Government. We lived in Koru, Kericho, Kitale, Nairobi and Rumeruti. I would like to communicate with the people on this site , and have my story and pictures posted.


 Dr. NEIL STEWART McLEOD Performing Poet - Public Speaker - Dentist Born in 1947,the eldest son of a New Zealander, Col. Roderick Murdoch McLeod R.H.R. The Black Watch, Neil has grew up bathed in the Highland tradition. One of five children, Neil has an older sister Flora, a younger sister Roida, and two brothers Alan and Ewan. In 1951 the family emigrated to Kenya where ther father worked for the Government. They lived in Koru, Kericho, Kiltale, Nairobi and Rumeruti. Neil and his brother Alan attended Saint Mary’s, and his sisters went to Loreto. After seven years in Kenya, the family returned to Britain on the Rhodesia Castle. Neil's elective was to major in Dental Surgery at Guy's Hospital, London. As a Fulbright scholar, Dr. McLeod continued his academic training at the University Of Southern California. Having established a dental practice on Sunset Boulevard in 1976, Neil then involved himself with the Scottish Community. He founded the Wajinga, an East African enthusiasts club. He is married to Nancy Neely, and they have two sons, Roderick and Oliver, and a daughter Maran.

Shailla Matlock

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I have just published a book about my great gandfather, who trekked all the way from Mombasa in 1895 before settling in Nakuru, where he was one of the first pioneers to do so. He developed Nakuru town contributing to it and the few settlers who began trickling in at the time. I am the fourth generation. Could you kindly display the link on your web site that I recently discovered please. It is available at and is in colour, 7 x 10 and 352 pages. Here is the link -:

Kenneth (Ken) Collins

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Anyone know a Robin Sauvage who was my best friend at Delamere High in 1958/59? He lived on a farm with his parents in Kahawa where we both spent a lot of time together. His father sold the farm just after I left Kenya and returned to UK with my parents. I believe the move was just outside Nairobi towards Mombasa. Any help to contact him would be appreciated. Thanks.

Edwin Marsden

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I was a founder pupil of the old Hill School Eldoret 1943-1947 before returning to the UK with my sister Moyra and mother. My father Fred Marsden was demobbed in Nairobi in 1919 and later became Print Shop foremen at the East African Standard. I would be delighted to hear from any HSE member from that period.

Hamish Campbell-Gillies

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Born in Nairobi went to Nairobi primary with my brothers and on to POW. Then Kenya Regiment (KR: 4441), left Kenya in 1962. For Canada British Colombia then moved to California in 1980. Then retired to Maui Hawaii in 2001 upcountry Maui is the same climate as Nairobi. Beautiful.

Hamish died in 2015.

Brother of Chum Campbell-Gillies, Page 2.

Mel Mayne

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My family lived in Nakuru from 1962 until the late 70's. I went to Lugard School from 1963 until 1970 when I went to boarding school in England. My brother Michael briefly went to school there too before joining me at school in England.

Barbara Marguin nee Sutcliffe

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 I'd be delighted to get in touch with people who went to Vera Zerkovitz ballet classes between 1952 and 1961 and/or who were at Limuru between 1958 and 1963. I now live in Paris.

Lucinda Palmer

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I am looking to try and locate Paul David Brown. He was in Kenya in the 1960\'s and I think for some time after that. I am told he worked on a coffee estate near Thika as coffee manager. He was a member of the Nairobi Club and also went to the Blue Post in Thika. Any information about him would be most helpful. He could possibly have been from Argentina but do not know for certain. Am trying to trace my blood grandfather

Name: Yvonne Hyland

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I was born in Nairobi in 1960, my parents were Albert William Charles Hyland, and Jeanne Elizabeth West, nee Hoare. My parents both worked for East African Power and Lighting in Nairobi, that's where they met. Not that their relationship lasted long.

I don't really remember friends surnames as I left Kenya in 1974 when I was a young teenager.

I went to school at Muthaiga (spelling) Primary school and Kilamani (spelling) Primary school.


My Grandfather was Albert Francis Hyland and my Grandmother was Hannah Emma Hyland nee Alexander, both from Sussex UK. They emigrated to Kenya some time around 1920's. They had a farm/property near Hoey's Bridge.


On my Mother's side, my Grandfather was Alexander Treadaway Hoare and Grandmother was Phyllis Hoare, nee Stanners, both originally from the UK. My Grandfather had a property at the coast, think it was in Kilandini (spelling), near White Sands, were he had rental cottages right by the sea.


I would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew my relations in Kenya.

Name: Terry Fleming

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Delamere High School see attached photo:


  • From the back left, Croll, Cherin Toms, Jones, Andrew Potter,
  • Centre left, Sturgess, Billy Stanley, Syms, Tony LeBret, Terry Fleming, Coressi, John? Mills, Ken Collins
  • Front, Godsol and Robin Sauvage .


I would love to hear from anyone in the photo. I went to the UK in '61 then to New Zealand, Auckland, now in Queensland Australia, Sue, my wife and I now have a cattle property North/West of Brisbane, nearest neighbour is a long way away! It's a good life.


Miles Walker Gilliland

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Was at Delamere School Nairobi 1959 to 61 trying to find Teacher Shirley Riddell, Jane Surgin, Tony Markwell, Wendy Nicholls, Pat Duplock, Jemma Confait

Marie Field

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Jambo. I wonder if any-one will remember my family, but I'm sure the places mentioned will be familiar to some. My New Zealand parents, John and Eve Gould, went to live in Kenya in 1946 where my father was the manager of the KCC in Thompson's Falls for about 4/5 years. I was born at the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital in June 1947. My younger brother, John and sister Felicity were both born in Nyeri. Dad then managed an 1100 acre dairy farm, Pura Milk Dairy Farm, for an Englishman Lionel Cain. The farm had a dried milk powder factory and also grew and dried Pyrethrum. The farm was on the edge of the Aberdare forest, north/east of Muiga looking west towards Naro Moru and Mt Kenya. I remember the stables being turned into barracks for the Lancashire Fusiliers during the Mau Mau emergency. Dad would often go with the soldiers into the forest: I have photos of Dad dressed in skins. Because we lived so far from any schools I was sent to nursery boarding school at 5. I remember Ann Westlake's school in Limuru: we had an Askari with us all the time. Living in amongst the troubles with 3 small children was quite stressful and when the milk powder factory was attacked and burned my parents decided to come back to NZ in March 1954. Dad loved Kenya and was very sorry to leave. I spent a month in Kenya Dec/Jan '96/97 retracing where we lived- a very spiritual experience. Africa will always be in my heart. Am delighted to discover this website. Kwaheri

Andrew Peter Garland Symonds

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My late parents Kenneth William Symonds and Jeanne Barbara Symonds lived in Nairobi in the 1950s near Dagoretti Corner. I was born 30 June 1958 in Princess Margaret Hospital. My father worked for the American company International Harvester and traveled extensively on business in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. We left Kenya in September 1961 to go to NZ on P&O Strathnaver from Aden. I am visiting Kenya in June 2018 for my 60th birthday. Having left Kenya as a small child I have no memories of the country, people and animals. I am so looking forward to filling in "missing bits of the puzzle".

John Chris Davis

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I was resident with my parents and brothers in Uganda from 1946 and went to the Hill School, Eldoret from Feb 1947 until Dec 1951, and was there when a dormitory burned down, killing one boy. I also did riding at the Fosters at Kaptagat. I attended the Prince of Wales School, Nairobi from Jan 1952 until Dec 1957, and my brothers followed me through these schools. I was a Uganda Scholar in England from 1958 to 1961. I was an engineer working in African countries for very many years, but am now retired.