Brian Humphreys in his element!

Satchid Kale <>


My father was the headmaster of Karatina Indian Public School ,circa 1958/1960. His Name was Hari Kale. Does any one remember or have photographs ?

Patrick Connett <>


Hill school  49-50,  Nakuru school 51-54, Prince of Wales 55-58,  Rhodes. K-R 7221 1960, left Kenya 1962 to USA .Graduated from Northen Illinois Univ 1973 some grad sc FSU Have lived in FL since 1973 in Umatilla A great treat to have discovered Bernard Klehahns lives in USA .visited me My grand mother.

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Maria Marshall nee Furneaux <>

I am looking to hear from a couple of old friends from mid 50's in Dar-es-salaam. John Mulholland, who worked for the British Rails,originally from New Castle UK. Panos Catravas, civil engineer, originally from Athens, Greece. I worked for Tanganyika Packers for a number of years. Left Dar-es-Salaam for London, England in 1960, to Canada in 1987. I would like to hear from any one who could help me to find my old friends.

Piet Odendaal <>


I am the third son of Piet Odendaal and Hester de Beer, I went to the Eldoret Primary School, Prince of Wales 1949-1951,Selous House. .I enlisted in to the first batch to train in Salibury for the Kenya Regiment,1952, farmed at Burnt Forest until the land was taken for Resettlement in 1966. My wife is from King's Lynn Norfolk England we married in Eldoret in 1963. I now live in King's Lynn with my family.

After I left Kenya in 1967 ,I have lost contact with the family of Sampie Odendaal my father's brother. I would like to contact some of the family so that I can put them in my Family Tree. Also would like to contact the Lourens family who 's mother is Judith Odendaal married Stefannes Lourens, my eldest sister's family.

Cecilia Greyling  <>


I was born in Nakuru, also went to school there, Dad was known as Hottie Greyling farmed in Olkalou. Sister Hester would love to hear from friends, she married Harry Muller, especially John Lomax. Use my e-mail to contact her. Hope to hear from you soon.

Peter Ball <>


Subject: Sugar Roads Project

I worked for Sir Alexander Gibb in Maseno and Songhor from 1966 -72,,,, back in Nairobi now and looking for any old friends still there !!

Raymond Simpson <>


Searching for Catherine Ann Smith born UK 30/7/42, moved to Mowlems, near Nakuru approx 1955.

Rosemine Keshavjee <>


I was born in Nairobi in 1955. I went to Westlands Primary School, then to Kenya High School, then to International School of Kenya (ISK).

I am looking for my best friend from Westlands Primary School and her name is Linda Watkins. She may now be Linda Latham, but not sure. Her father worked for a British Metal Box Company and his name was Jim Watkins. Linda went back to live in England and had two boys when I last saw her.

I now live in Texas. Please let me know if anyone knows how to get in touch with her.

Terry Hopkins <>


Looking for friends from St George's school,56-60,I was sports captain for Ainsworth, prefect was Richard Wise, went on to Duke of York 61-65, Elliot house[day bug], lived at Langata and Karen.[day bug clan, Ian Street, Tony Rotshild, Brian Colburn, Antony Carter, Billy Robertson, Patch Pacini.[fantasic friends]please get in contact. Cheers for now, Terry.

Patricia Constant <>


Born 1950 in Nairobi - parents living in Naivasha. Father, Jim was in Kenya Police. Lived in Kisumu, Meru, Thika, Ngong and Nairobi. Schools - Nyeri, Thika, Loreto Convent Valley Rd. Left Kenya 1962 to California Now living In New Zealand, 4 children, 3 grandchildren.

Marie Millette (nee Dingwall) <>


Lived in Kenya from 1949-1964. Father Don Dingwall was farm manager for several farms so we moved around a lot - Kampi ya moto, Rongai, Kedai near Ndi, Koru, Wattle Blossom Farm Nairobi, Kima and back to Rongai. Attended Nakuru School 1954-1958 - trying to trace Christina Nell, Nairobi Primary School 1959-1960 - trying to trace Lydia Waring, Claudia Nazor, Roz Meyers and Sue Thomas, and Kenya Girls High School 1961-1964 - trying to trace Gillian Pope, Jayne Bailey, Sheenagh Hammond, Jane Holloway, Sue Gorman and Pat Beresford.

Left Kenya Dec 1964 - emigrated to New Zealand till 2002. Now living in Australia. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Angela Clark Lanzone

Email Address:


Would love to get in touch with ex Kenyans from the 50's and 60's

Malcolm Sharp <>


Wilson Junior School 1961

I left Kenya in the summer of 1961 to return to the UK. My father was in the Royal Signals stationed at Kahawa Camp (Thika?) but we lived in Kenton Drive, Nairobi, not far from the Arboretum. The photo was taken at Wilson Junior School, out near Wilson Aerodrome. The teacher's name was Fagge (or Wragge?), and I imagine it was taken at the end of term, around June, 1961. I just thought it might help jog some memories!

Click on picture to enlarge.

Chris Parry-Davies

Email Address:


We came to Kenya from Libya back in 1956. My father was in the RAOC at Kahawa Camp. Believe my sister went to St. Mary's and I to Cavena. I am one of those white Englishman whose heart will be forever be in Africa. I was lucky to have a wonderful childhood under the African sun which has always remained close to my heart.

Jenny Nelson

Email Address:


I am trying to piece together old family history, and am searching for any information, military record, for my late father-in-law, who served in the Kenya Regiment.

1051 PETHICK Robert Gordon

He passed away in Kenya in 1947, leaving his wife, Inge, and 2 children, Gordon Anthony Pethick, aged 12, and Timothy Mortimer Pethick, age 2. Both children were born in Nakuru - Timothy Mortimer Pethick, on the 21st March 1945. Were would the records of birth, marriage and death be held?

What incident happened and caused Robert Gordon Pethick to die? Anyone out there who can assist, or suggest where I can continue my search?

Many thanks and kind regards, Jenny Pethick-Nelson

Margaret-Ann Stein Now Shipway

Email Address: <>


Subject: David Brook


Met David in 1972 Nairobi on a holiday to visit my grandmother Chrisi Stein. Would love to know where he is,and to catch up. Father Peter Brook, Mother Patricia, Sister Victoria. I live in Western Australia.

Roy Pickering

Email Address:


Subject: Join the Kenya Guest Page. Missing person


Dear Peter, I wonder if you would display this photo on your missing persons page please. This is a old friend of my wife's father who has sadly now died. We would love to get in touch with this man as he may be able to tell us about their life in Kenya in the early 1960's. Although we have this picture, unfortunately we don't know his name, except we think it might be John. The photo was taken in Nairobi around 1966 we think. If anyone recognises him we would love for them to contact us.Thanks very much for help. We love the website - absolutely fascinating. Regards, Roy.

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Carel Fillmer

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Originally my name was Carol Filmer. My parents arrived in Nairobi after the war and my dad Jack Filmer played in the band at Torrs Hotel where my mother Betty was a dancer. I went to Parklands Primary then to School in Tring, Herts, UK with my then best friend Melody Browning. I used to go home every summer to our coffee farm in Kiambu where our neighbours were John and Cynthia Ellis. I went to Mdme Zerkovitz ballet school and I'm researching any information on her and the cultural side of Nairobi in the 50s and 60s.

Carole Holmes (nee Heywood)

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I am trying to locate Anne Roper, Judy Butler and Sarah Humphries