Rosemary <>


Looking for my Dad.

Hello , I was born in Mombasa in 1967 my Mother is an African lady from Uganda and I am looking for my Dad David.  My Mum can't remember my Dad's surname. We used to stay in Kilindini Road near Mombasa beach. My Mum's name is Lazia Nalwoga, does anybody remember her in 1960's? My Mum told that my Dad was a British.



Born in Nairobi 1947 and studied at Park Road Primary School, Technical High School, Duke of Gloucester School and taught at City High School. Was there until 1967. I was an active boy scout have been a Queen Scout and obtained Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award. I lived in council flats in Nagara ( White Nagri) and I am keen to contact old friends


Umesh Bhikhu Gohil <>


I lived in Karatina, Kenya for 11years, I was born in Neyri, in 1963. My Grandfather had been in Karatina since 1935, known as Mohan Mavji (Gohil) Tailor.

Had two sons, Manji and Bhikhu and daughters Puspa and Damu. Manji Left Karatina in 1973 with his five daughter Kanchu, Jyostna, Geeta, Beena and Neela and that Bhikhu left in 1974 with his three sons Umesh, Amit and Dipen. both brothers family moved to Coventry in the midlands in UK.

Manji passed away in 1978 and Bhikhu passed away in 2009. When our famliy lived in Kenya this was one that will not come back call it the golden years.

Any one can get in touch specially if you are from Karatina, i would love to hear from you. As history is important for our kids of what our parents did and how they lived

Richard Hugh Watson Usher <>


Hi I am a member of the Kenya Regiment Association of South Africa My KR Number is 4657

Kathy Mannering  <>


Hi, does anyone remember us? My family name was Elkington. My father, Frank was an inspector in the police. My Mum was Liz, my brother was David , born 1956,and I was Kathleen, born in 1958. My brother and I attended Kilimani Primary school until 1964. My father, Frank Elkington, as well as being a police inspector was also an avid sailor, and we spent many happy hours sailing with him over the years. He was also the manager of the Kenyan Olympic Sailing Team in 1964 in Japan!

Linda Perrins  <>


Lived in Nairobi from 1952 until 1957. my father George Perrins worked on, what was then called  'The New Nairobi Airport' in Embakasi. at that time we all lived in rondavals just across from the game park. I went to the Loreto Convent Valley road. have wonderful memories. On returning from our first leave to UK,  we lived in Woodley Estate. the flat above the shop next to the Elementary school and kindergarten school. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.

Peter Wilke <>


I'm searching for a member of our family who disappeared between 1901 & 1910. His name was James Mitchell Stewart. Born in Crieff Perthshire, Scotland in 1882. The only address I have is Mombasa, Kenya. Any help or advice much appreciated.

Brian Connell <>


What a great site! I was educated in Kenya, attending Duke of York in early sixties. My nickname was "Fuzzy" on account of totally out of control curly hair! I was a day scholar at DOY, lived in Karen near the Westwood Park Hotel and was a keen and successful athlete. At the risk of total embarrassment, I had a massive crush on Beverly Meaden (and to a lesser extent, her sister: Andrea) and have often wondered what became of them. I have led an active and fulfilling life as a wildlife and nature photographer, but am now getting a bit too old to go traipsing through African bush in search of animals to photograph. I now live in New Germany, South Africa.

If anyone remembers me, I would be deliriously happy to hear from them.


Brian died in May 2016.

Bernard Courtenay-Bishop  <>


Born 1946 moved from Tanganyika to Nairobi. Went to St.Mary's Nairobi then St Georges School Nairobi, left Nairobi 1959 for overseas college as boarder, but left beloved Kenya for South Africa and Rhodesia in 1963.

Now live in UK, want to contact Glen Clough or Granville Calder.

Anna Murray <>


 I was born in Mombasa in 1950 where my parents Peggy and Campbell Murray had a duka in Malindi opposite the Eden Rock Hotel. With my brother Andrew born a year later, we moved to Lushoto and then to Nakuru where my father died. I attended Lugarde in 1957. My mother ran the Highlands Hotel in Molo and we attended Molo Primary School and then Andrew went to Manor House in Kitale. We left for South Africa in 1962 and my mother died in 1966. I have lived in France, Virginia and now in UK.

David G F Pringuer MBE  <>


I went to Kenya in 1946 at the age of 9 to join my Father who was in the British Army recently arrived from the North African Campaign. I went to Nairobi Primary School, St Mary's School for a short while then Prince of Wales. I joined Kenya Police in 1956 until 1964 when I left to join the British Army which I retired from in 1980 as a Major. I then joined police force in Papua New Guinea for 6 years, finally starting a security company there with which I was involved until 2005. I am now living in Queensland Australia and spend my time traveling the world.

Tina White <>


Hello, lovely to find this website. My father was in the Army and this took us to Kenya around 1955/56. He was stationed at Kahaway Camp and we resided first of all in the Spread Eagle Hotel. From there we moved across the road to a rondavel owned by the Mustows who had a farm. I was at school at the Loretto Convent, Valley Road. Our next move was to Nanyuki where we lived in a small bungalow down a road called 4th Avenue and then in a bungalow owned by Miss Thring who ran a riding school. I was at School at the Beehive and we returned to the UK late 1958.


WEBMASTER: My mother, Edna Burdette, was a teacher at the Beehive in 1930. PH.

Angus Reynolds <>


Arrived in Kenya 1950 aged 2. My folks posted as DCO in Kisii for Nyanza District. Grew up with no shoes on - wonderful. Moved to Nairobi aged 7. Went on St. Marys where my two brothers attended. My Father, Joe Reynolds, worked for Education Ministry, then appointed to teach at Delamere School. Become headmaster around 1961. I was sent to boarding school in Dublin in 1962. I came home three times but then my folks left for UK in 1966. I am grateful for the childhood I had. Unmatchable. I hope some of the Delamere and St Marys folks connect.

Ronny Mula <>


Born Nairobi 1946. Westlands Primary and Prince of Wales Schools. Left early 70s. 30 years in Dubai, now

in Spain/England. Would love to hear from any Kenya cowboys/girls. Retired - but now a Karaoke superstar!

Jennifer Grace McGinlay <>


I grew up in Kenya in Kericho/Nyeri/Eldoret (Hill School) and Kenya High School (Boma) graduating in '69. I married Mike Lorenzi (ex EAA who had run in with Uganda president!) and we went to Gulf Air. Now live in USA but am trying to do some research on my mother's first husband whose name was Aubrey George Randall (British) born in Kijabe in 1928. Would like to try and find his relatives, father was Albert Calvin Randall and was a sub farm manager in Arusha and Thika and mother Florence Maud Randall nee Randall. He is supposed to be buried at the Nairobi Cemetery but good luck trying to find information on that unless someone has had some luck. Would like to fill in this mystery in our family. Any help would be good. Assume at age of 21 years he would have been part of the Kenya Regiment as most Kenya guys were?

Sean Tighe <>


I flew to Kongwa as a newborn, with my mother, Gillian, in 1948 to join my father Robert William (Bill) on the Ground Nut Scheme, where my sister Brigid was born. We moved to Kenya when things folded, my brother Rory was born in 1957, and I attended St George's Primary from 1955 to 1960. Brigid was at Loreto Convent, Valley Rd.Then for me, five years of boarding school in N. Ireland. I now live in Queensland and would like to hear from anybody who knew us back in the Colonial days.

Edward (Eddie) Mole <>


Missing people

Trying to get in touch with my fathers godson, Peter Oglenby ex Kenya police, last heard of in Penzance

Benard Otieno <>


 I want to find my father

Veronica Atieno's son is searching for his father who is unknown to him. Veronica was a student at Mombasa High School when she conceived in Nov/Dec. 1979. She passed away in Dec. 1986 before disclosing information of her son's father. Anyone with any info' on this issue of concern to contact, 0721835628:

Euan Reynolds <>


In Kenya from 1947 to 1964, lived in Kisi , Kisumu, Nairobi.Worked in the bush a lot.

Tim Symonds <>


I grew up in Guernsey, then emigrated to Kenya in 1954, working as an Assistant Manager for Wil Powys at Kisima Farms, near Timau, high up on Mt. Kenya. I became a KPR Tracker Team leader against the Mau Mau gangs in the Mt. Kenya Crown Forest with a particular assignment to get Dedan Kimathi (believed to live in the caves above the bamboo line). Wil Powys's daughter Rose married a White Hunter, and they both live at Borana Lodge, on land further down the mountain from Kisima Farm. Does anyone remember that part of Kenya and my times there?

Graham Mcdonald <>


Attended Nakuru School in 1950-1952 Would love to contact Jenny Shepherd .Now live in Durban .Married with children and grandchildren.Was friends with Kenneth and Lesley Howson whos Dad worked at VIsoi Saw Mills.

David Thomas <>


Born Kenya - left in 63; lived in Kisumu, Nairobi, Thika and Mombasa; looking for Sarah Coleman who lived in Kisumu and then near spread eagle hotel; Father was a doctor. Interested to know what became of her and her brother.

Miranda Banks (Nee Cannon)<>


 My name is Miranda and I was born in Kenya in 1972, my parents Steve Cannon (deceased) and Judy Cannon (living in North Yorks) moved there as my Dad was working for East African Airways before it ceased trading. I was nearly 6 when we left, we lived in Riverside Drive and I attended Riverside Drive Nursery school. We are looking for anyone who remembers us

Thanks Miranda