Major Neville Alastair (Spike) Powell, MBE, WB, WKhm (G), 

KR 4158, Rhodesian Army 780573, British Army  Sultanate of Oman.

I first met 'Spike' Powell when we were at the Prince of Wales School in Nairobi. Even then Spike was a force to be reckoned with, he gave the impression of being deadly, and used to carry a Gurkha knife (kukri ) which he reckoned would cut a persons throat if he threw it at them. I believed him. Later on we were in the Kenya Regiment, but Spike became a 'pseudo terrorist'. These brave people, Spike Powell, Bill Woodley,  Jim McNab, Steve Bothma, would mingle with the terrorists. They were disguised to look like Mau Mau terrorists, so they were in danger of being killed by 'friendly fire' as well as the enemy.
After the emergency Spike became a Labour Officer. I was working on Siret Tea estate at Nandi Hills and had a small labour dispute. Spike arrived to sort it out. One  laborer was not giving the right answers so Spike drew is .38 Smith & Wesson and fired at the man's feet making him dance, the unfortunate man became very voluble! This procedure was frowned upon by the Department so Spike was looking for another job. I next saw Spike at Blue Lagoon, Malindi, where he had an interest in an Aqua Sports holiday resort. He had also acquired a wife. 

Domestic bliss and civil life was too much for Spike, so he took off and joined the Rhodesian army, and also served in the Dhofar war with the British army.

It is ironic that after all the danger which Spike had endured, he should be killed while traveling in a Rhodesian Airways Viscount aircraft, shot down by a SAM7 missile.


I have placed some extracts from the Internet below which will give some idea of what Spike was all about - Unique. A good friend but a deadly enemy.

Medals of the Sultanate of Oman