Only in Africa!

Christine Brody nee Main <>


I and the other children of Robert Main, who served in the Royal Pioneers during World War 2 and who settled in East Africa from early 1950s to late 1960s, later moving to Australia where we have now discovered he died, are anxious to contact anyone who can remember him or his whereabouts at any time.

We are now in possession of wedding photos taken in Dar Es Salaam in the late 1950s.the witness is a man called Jackson also now deceased. Can anyone give us any information at all. Christine Brody.

Jonathan Scott-Barrett <>


Hi all, just trawling through the Kenya guest page to see there are any ex Beehive , Nyeri Primary, Princo guys/girls between 1950 - 1959.

I was born in Kampala, but spent most of my life in The North Kinangop and Nyeri. I live in London so contact me - Scotty

Harry Schello <>


Born Eldoret 1931 Highlands School, POW, KPR, Ken Reg 4681. Durban City Police, Australia Now retired.

Rev. Joseph Njuguna Ngotho <>


I was born in Kiambu kenya, went to Nanyuki High then Chesamisi high in Bungoma. Went to Saint pauls united theological college served as a parish priest in Diocese of mount Kenya south before I moved to US where I now live with my family. I am looking for old friends where ever they are on this planet. May God bless them all.

Andy Small <>


Left Nairobi in 1961, ex Delamere School, to join rn (?), often wondered about Johnny Cadogan and Brian Lofthouse, two good mates and good times.

Mark and Lynn Savage <>


Must be 15 years since we heard from you, though did update a little with the Usher-Wilsons 3 years back.

Pat Oosthuysen (born Wells)<>


I was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1952 and lived on Woodley Estate. I went to Woodley Primary and then to Kilimani Primary when they combined. Then on to Kenya High as a day-girl for one year before leaving to live in South Africa, where I still live. My parents were Ken and Hilda Wells and I have an older brother John and twin sisters Gillian and Susan. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Michele Milburn <>


Does anyone recognise my family name, Saint Ange?

I know my mother's family owned a coffee farm near Lake Nakuru and that they were called Wilson and Eugenie St. Ange. My mother's name was Irene Grace and she had a sister that she lost touch with when she moved to England. I believe they sold their farm in the fifties and moved to live close to the Mthika Club (Could be Muthaiga Club)- I am planning to visit Kenya soon and would love to know a little more about where my family lived.

Dingo Plenderleith<>


Born Nairobi( twin brother ) Gary in 1935 . Nairobi Primary Hill School Eldoret and POW. Last course Salisbury. Left the Regt in 56. DMIO Naivasha for a few years. Career in the British Army Sandhurst Staff College. Now live in Spain.

Glen Smith <>


Went to Lugard School, Nakuru 1956-62 then to the Duke of York School, Kirk House 1963-66. Now a professional photographer in Brisbane, Australia. Married with two adult daughters and two grandchildren.

Mike Moscoff <>


Born October, 1953 in Mombasa, Kenya, son of Sid and Meg Moscoff, now resident in London.

Patrick R Shute <>


Born in Kenya 1947, went to Nairobi primary school 1956 to 1960 as border, emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1960. Unfortunately my memory of my school friend names I have forgotten, but if anyone out there has a better memory I would love to hear from you, from an ex Kenyan.



I was born and educated in Nairobi, at the Kenya High School For Girls, and left in 1966 at the age of 19.

My father, Derek Blevins had a safari and deep-sea fishing company - Marajani Tours, based in Mombasa.

Wonderful memories, and I still miss Kenya !

I now live on the Isle Of Wight, and my sister Lesley Blevins also lives in Cowes.

Would love to connect with school friends - Joanna Kirkus, Liz Grimwood and anyone during 1950- 1966.

Gregory Kudwoli <>


Am looking for former Mombasa Primary School, also known as Mombasa European Primary School, school mates in late sixty and early seventies.

More so Sarah Thompson and brother Michael THOMPSON.

Lesley (was Pugh) <>


In Kenya 1953 to 1958 - Father 5 KAR. Went to Nakuru school and then to the brand new Lugard School. Then on to Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia, and now in Cape Province. Can't imagine not living in Africa. I sometimes wish I could visit Kenya again but know that it would probably spoil my memories!

Janssen Davies <>


Born in Eldoret in 1949. Attended the Hill School. (Head Boy in 1962). Left for South Africa in 1962. Attended Rustenburg High School, Wits University (Johannesburg) and Stanford University (California). Worked for 36 years for financial services group - SAGE Group. Group CEO in 2005. Now "retired" but serve on the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management at Wits University, the Advisory Board of the Wits Business School, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Agency, Chairman of South African National Parks Honorary Rangers. Married to Linda.

Anybody remember me from the Hill School?

Josette Cousins nee Furneaux <>


I am looking for the Kirkham Family- Earnest Kirkham, Pamela Kirkham and Philip Kirkham, Josette, Mexie and Terrence went to St, Johns Convent in Dar- es - Salaam, we used to go to the "Inn by the Sea" North of Dar, where all the young people went. During the Uhuru days we had to get out in a hurry - went to London 1961 We did not say good bye to our friends- 1973 I came to New Zealand. If there is anyone out there who know the Kirkham - please write to me.

Marion West (nee Ross) <>


My name is Marion and I was in Kenya from 1950 to 1973. Went to numerous schools, including Parklands Primary, in 1958/1959. Looking for Carol Chivers, Linda Trevor or Christopher West. Also went to Nairobi Primary in 1972, and would like to hear from Carol Furlong or Emma Di Gennaro. Also attended Charles Coldhamns in 1966/67. Anyone from there remember the Teacher, Mike Mann? Am now living in the U.K. and would love to hear from anyone who was around in these places at these times.

Mick West<>


Comment: My name is Mick West my dad Bill was a driver on the EAR&H. I lived in Preston rd Nairobi in the late 50s and mid 60s went to Parklands school then to Delemere, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I now live in Gloucestershire UK.

Carol Ann Odendaal (now mac Dougall)<>


Sister to Douglas and Val Odendaal.

Was Born at Nakuru War Memorial Hospital in 1949.

Went to Nakuru Primary, Nakuru High and then the Highlands Eldoret. Parents Chris and Thelma Odendaal who farmed Ongatobus Estate in Ol Kalou on the edge of Lake Olbalossit, and then moved to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Moved to South Africa in 1965. Divorced and living in Howick, Natal, South Africa managing White Cottage Books. I have one son Lachlan Mac Dougall.

Susan Filacouridis (nee BROADLEY) <>


Born Uganda 1953. Parents - Ray and Barbara BROADLEY. Father was in the Kenya Police. Sister - Lynda (dec 2007)

I went to Mombasa Primary School 1959-1962. Lugard School 1963-1966 all approx.

Anybody knows me/us??

John Legg <>


I was born in Nairobi and went to Parklands Primary and then Delamere High. Left for New Zealand in 1962. Lived in Johannesburg from 1970 to 73. Returned to New Zealand and moved to Australia in 1990.

Sally Vivian <>


Comment: I went to St Georges Primary and then the Boma till '66. Would love to hear from any old friends. Particularly searching for Maryanne Brown and Susan Palmer. Currently in Australia.

Nicholas C. Taylor-De'Ath <>


My name is Nicholas Taylor-De'Ath

Parents Sydney and Alma.

I was born on Christmas Island Indian Ocean Settlerment XI at Flying Fish Cove. We moved, in 1950 when my Father bought the farm "Two Rivers" on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro outside Moshi. Later we migrated to Kenya. The Mau-Mau erupted while we stayed at the Brackenhurst Hotel while visiting Grand-parents. Father stationed in Uplands with Kenya Police Reserve. I attended School in Limuru. Also spent time at Nakuru and Naivasha. After the Uprising my father went to Kenya Kynite, outside Moshi on the Tsavo National Park and I was shipped to school at Nairobi Primary as a border. We eventually settled in Nairobi. Mother worked as editor to 'The Lady; and my Father continued his career as a Charted Accountant. Later moved to Kalalushi, on the copper belt, to work for the Chibuluma Mining Company west of Kitwe in Northern Rhodesia. I went to Kitwe Boys High.

I am trying to find any one who may have known both Sydney and Alma during their time in East Africa

Angela Clark (now Lanzone) <>


My parents Owen Clark and Dr Dorothy Clark lived in Nairobi from 1950-1960. My sister Madeleine was born in Nakuru in 1945. We went to Loreto Convent Valley road and then Msongari. I now live in France, with husband, two grown up daughters and 3 grandchildren. Anyone remember the CLARKS?

Julia Ann Bentley<>


I was born in Nairobi 1954 but was brought up in the Limuru area on a coffee estate. I went to Tigoni Primary School and later to Limuru Girls Secondary School. I trained as a secretary and worked from 1974 until I left Kenya for good in 1992. I lived and worked in Nicosia, Cyprus for 11 years but am now in Bedfordshire living with my partner of 5 years. I still work as a Legal Secretary.

I am trying to find either Douglas or Philip Hodson, whose parents were Hilary and John Hodson. John Hodson died and Hilary moved to the UK and told my mother she didn't want to keep in touch anymore as she was moving. Since then she keeps on sending Mum Christmas cards asking why Mum won't get in touch but Mum doesn't know where she is.

Stephen Bothma <>
Bill (Abe) Morton  Steve Bothma 1953

My (late) Father was a proud member of the Kenya Regiment 1953-1955, KR 4381, Served in "I" Company and was part of the Pseudo/Clandestine Ops set-up. As far as I recall, he told me that he had stayed in Eldoret, was at some point in Nakuru, Matriculated at Prince of Wales School. He had a very good friend, Bill Woodley (I think won the MC or VC) and a Tracker by the name of Gibson Wambugo-Mugo. He also had a friend called Sid Moscoff, who passed away shortly after my dad did. Last I heard Bill Woodley was at Tsavo National Park in Kenya. My Father passed away on 13 May 1991, but spoke fondly about his experiences in the Kenya Regiment. I had the honour of serving in a similar "elite" SA Unit, so we understood what each went through.

Bill Woodley died some time ago.

Russell Broadley <>

I recently 'stumbled' across your mini bio on 'The Kenya Pages' and saw that you were involved with the East African Railways Construction, probably in the 50's.

I wondered if you ever knew a Douglas Russell who was heavily involved in the railways in Kenya through the 50's and into the early 60's. He was a very close friend of my Dad throughout the war and kept in contact with us (in the UK). He paid us a visit in the 60's with his wife and family. I remember they had a baby son named Brian. I, myself was named Russell, after Douglas.

I know this is a long shot ................... but you never know if you don't ask !

Sandra Desnousse <>


Sandra Desnousse (nee Fernandez) -lived in Woodley Estate from age 13; (born 1951) went to Delamere High Girls School - 1968; then onto Queensway Secretarial College 1969; worked at FMD (Farm Machinery 1971 - got married to Jim Desnousse 1972 - moved to Windsor, ON, Canada. Would like to talk to anyone who remembers me.

Thompson's Falls Sports Club.

Jean De Lahey was one of the girls at the Thompson Falls Sports Club in the early 50's. This song was her favourite, and she used to sing it. Another one was "Wham bam thankyou Mam". If I remember rightly, Jean had a brother, David.

Others who may remember this are, Phill Sykes, Pete Penrose, John Lomax, Micky Wright, and Danny Haus.

When "If you got the money, I got the the time" is finished you can select other songs from the record sleeve pictures.

Sadly, Jean passed away in 2006.