Roy Holmes 1956

Stuart Thomas <>


I have only just found this site, after actually looking for Giles Shaw's address. I was born in UK, went to Kenya in 1946:Primary school Kitale 1946/51. Prince of Wales 1952-1956

Moved to Kampala in 1954.

Kenya Reg:No: 6752: Course Jun/Dec 1958 and 2 years TT. Offered Officer Cadetship Sandhurst. Declined. Remember Kelly Dow took my place and ended up DUX with the Sword of Honour I believe?

With EA Airways in Kampala, moved to UK in late 61". Got married to Susan Damerell in 1966,immigrated to Aussie in 67':Changed my career to Real Estate in 1969.Based in Sydney then Coffs Harbour.

Have 2 children,1 in UK & 1 on Sunshine Coast QLD. Divorced 1979. Remarried 1985 to Jill. We have 5 Grandchildren. Lost Jill last year to Cancer. Now live on Gold Coast QLD. Just returned from 3 month trip to UK. The first in 40 years.

Trevor Hutton <>


URL= nsswaterworks,com

I attended Burton Street School in Dar-es-Salaam, from 1953 to 1956, St. Michaels - Soni in 1957, Woodley Primary, Nairobi from 1958 to 1961, Mombasa Primary in 1961 and Duko in 1962 and 1963. Some names I remember are Gillian Hollroyd, Nickel and Michael Hutton (not related), Johnny French, Robert Akenhead, Graham Best, Peter Willet, Janice Seymour, Gordon Millar.

I now live on Salt Spring Island off the south-east tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Edgar Val Odendaal <>



Val Odendaal born in Nairobi, grew up on a farm at Ol Kalou, on the edge of Lake Ol Ballossitt, went to Nakuru school, Delamere boys high Nairobi. Left Kenya in 1961 and joined the Federal army of Rhodesia. to 1963.Now living in South Africa on the fringes of the Kruger National Park as a professional artist for wildlife.

Douglas Odendaal <>


Phone: +27836283104

I was born in Kenya, grew up on a farm at Ol Kalou, on the edge of Lake Ol Ballossitt, went to Nakuru school. KR no 7232 ,now living in South Africa.

Herbert Ulyate <>


Herbert Christopher Ulyate, I am related to the folks of Ol Kalou. Sampie and Hetty Odendaal were my Uncle and Aunt.

Hetty was my fathers sister. Peter and Hetty Roux-Nell were their grandchildren.

Val and Doug Odendaal live in SA. They were Cris Odendaal's (Hetty and Sampy's son) sons. Val has become a world renowned wild life artist and lives on the edge of the Kruger National Park.

I left Kenya in 1960 and went to SA to do a 5 year apprenticeship in Diesel Mechanics. Then worked on a sugar estate for 8 years before going into my own business of manufacture and erection of pre-cast concrete modular houses. Stayed in the building trade until I sold up and went back to Kenya to run a project for African Safari Club building log cabins around Kilimanjaro for the tourist industry. From there we came to the UK in '93 for a four month holiday and ended up staying. I started a cab business here in London which gave me a very good insight into how London works. I sold that in 2003 and went into semi-retirement and now do odd jobs when required.

Hetty Roux-Nell


Phone (witheld): Contact Webmaster <>

Ex Olkalou, Nakuru School, trained as a Nurse in Nairobi. Moved to London to complete training, and stayed there.

Still nursing, lives in Swindon, Wiltshire, England..

Gordon Lynn<>


Born in Nairobi June 1950. Left Kenya September 1973 Looking for ex Brit expats from Nairobi to meet up I am presently living in Carlisle Cumbria, and willing to travel for expat meet up.

Dean Oliver Musebe<>


Went to Mumias complex, then proceeded to Nakuru High School between 1982-1985,moved to Kisumu High School for my A-level and joined the marine industry currently a marine surveyor based in Mombasa. Looking for old boys of Nakuru High School.

Joel Norton (Sihra)<>


Family from East Africa. From age 2 - 10, I lived in Tanga and then Dar-es-Salaam, (Tanganyika/Tanzania), moving to Jimma (Ethiopia) for a few years before alighting in Nairobi at age 11. Went to Lavington Green Primary School and then Duke of York (Eliot/Delamere) 1966 - 1972. We had a farm at Tigoni (Tea) as well. Hightailed it to the UK in 1972 and married a Kiwi girl there in 1987. Migrated to New Zealand in 1989 and for last four years (2003+) have been living in Sydney. Been in IT industry for over 30 years and now manage the region (ANZ) for a US IT company.

Bertil Vendel<>


I lived in Kisumu and Nairobi 1971 - 1974 working for the SIDA volunteer program. In 1987 I came back with my wife Lisbritt and our children Jason, Minna and Max. We then lived in Lanet just outside Nakuru and I worked for Danida as a senior adviser.

Now back in Sweden thankful for the all the great people I met and all the experiences one have in a place like Kenya!

John Francis Hall KR 7369 <>


Trying to find James Begg KR 7261 from Kenya reg. and EAR&H also Dick Rowe. Anyone who remembers me would love to hear from you.

Anthony Morrin<>


I am currently trying to trace George Agget from Rumuruti Kenya. I served with George in the Royal Marines and I have lost touch with him, over the years. If anyone could help I would like to get in touch with George again.

Helen Johnson<>


I arrived in Kenya in 1954, attended Parklands Primary, then the Kenya High Scool. I was a boarder in Baden Powell. My name then was Helen Brown. We lived at Dandora. My father Jock worked for Mowlem Construction Co. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me - especially school friends Maire Franklin and Delia Clegg.

Les Smith <>


Worked as inspector of police at Gitugi station loc.13 Fort Hall was friendly with Jim Cade who was in KPR at fort hall. fell foul of ASCOMPOL and got repatriated to UK. Jim always said I would return to Kenya but I never made it. Did get to SA for a short trip to the Kruger though. been living in NSW since 1961 with wife Anne have two children Bruce and Lesley, will always remember Kenya days .

Pravin Taank<>


I was born in Nakuru in 1952. I studied in Lake Primary, West Primary and finally in Menengai High school, before leaving for UK in 1968. Anyone remembering, please contact.

Keith Greger-Murray <>


I am looking to contact an old school friend of mine and his name, JOHN DAVIES, came up on your website.

My JOHN DAVIES lived in Mombasa like me and went to St Michael's School Soni' Tanganyika. Left in 1960 to attend St Oswalds House, Ampleforth College in the UK, leaving in 1965.

If it is him, could you please ask him to e-mail me as many school friends are now communicating. He would be 60-61 years of age now.


Girish Vyas <>


We lived in Nairobi south C, trying to trace Brian, Richard, Denise, Margret and Linda children of Greens, worked in Kenya Police.



I am Papa Wilson am looking for my friends who left St. Pauls Amukura in year 2002 and any other old boys who studied in these schools. Currently am in Makerere university in Uganda.

Jenny Barton (nee Bick)<>


I am the daughter of Ken and Ann Bick, who emigrated to Kenya in 1969. My father was a pilot with the Kenya Police until his early death in a plane crash on 20 December 1969. He was buried at Langata Cemetery, and as I am visiting Kenya in August this year, I would like to visit his grave. I've had no success finding details of his grave site and wonder if anyone can suggest how I could do this? Anything anyone can suggest would be welcome.

Bus Botha <>


Born at Nabkoi 1931, farm 6448 Eldoret, European primary school Eldoret 1937 - 1942, Prince of Wales (Nicholson)1943 - 1947. Special police 48 - 51. Looking for Harry Shallow, Derek Taylor, McCartney Snape, and James Jones.

Martyn Wells <>


I am searching for Quentin Thomas my cousin who was in the Kenya Regiment KR 6560. He was born in 1939 had an older brother Hugh and younger sister Valerie. He went to school in Cambridge UK from 1947 to 1954. If anyone knows of these people please contact me.

Willem Breitenbach <>


I was born in Nakuru in 1949 and attended Nakuru School until 1960 when we moved to the RSA. We farmed just outside Ol Kalou and I visited the farm in June 2008 - it is still as beautiful as ever. I would like to make contact with Nakuru pupils of my time. I now live in the Franschhoek valley in the Western Cape RSA.

Joan Borchardt <>


Was born in 1963 at Nakuru War Memorial Hospital, trying to find information. Have no contact with birth parents don't know much about my life in Nakuru.

Geoff Maina <>


Would like to keep in contact with students of Nakuru High School between 1978-1986.....Let me know how you are doing...send an email.



Jambo everyone,

I and my sister Margaret lived in Nairobi from 1952 to 1961 going to following schools, Pixie land kindergarten Parklands, Kilimani primary (school holiday camps) Nairobi Primary day boy 53-57 ,Woodley Primary 57-61. My sister went to NP to Delamere High school.

I have noticed some friends and neighbours on this site.

My father worked for Twentche Oversees MajourPapie TOM. He was chief engineer for the David Brown tractors and Claas combines ,During school holidays I visited many farms all over Kenya ,Kinenkop Nightingales Pyrethrum and cerials, Thika Gregory's (pineapple farm) always had tame (wild) animals around the farm Leopard or cheetah , also in Thika Gionis Theta Coffee, I am not sure of the following spelling Rundgrins, Feasteds, White Fathers (Kinenkop)and many more great families who made my dad and I very welcome .

I would love to try and trace some old friends .Woodley school John Small dad in EA airways?, John Wells Dad in EA telecoms, Peter Sidebottom, Stephen Parkes Smith, Ian Street.

My parents used to frequent the Caledonian Sports club there we met the families Malcolm Taylor son Calum, Sammy and Betty Lynn son Gordon , Mrs Seymour sons Roderick and Peter. Hugh Mackay EA Standard .Reids EAR&H, George Buchan Nairobi Market manager, Andy and Anne Easton sons Douglas ex POW and Ian. Dick MacClouchan Special police. There were too many friends to remember let alone mention. My sister taught in the UK up to her retirement and now lives in the south of France .Anyone out there who remembers use please give me bell on the email .

I recently found the whereabouts of some of my old rafikies from Woodley and around Kenya.. Stephen Park-Smith now living in a small village near Oxford, Humphrey Nightingale originally from Sasuma farm Kinenkop now living in Northampton.,Dennis Green now in La Herradura Spain but his email address does not work. Also Alan Duff now in Noerdhook SA . If you remember me or my sister Margaret Keyl (Nairobi Primary,Delamare Girls) Her friends were Lynette Danford,Daphine Godfrey ,if any of you remember us please contact me.



Son of PATRICK PAUL RANDALL KR NO 6899, Looking for my fathers relatives. they all left to south Africa early 60s,my grandpa/ma names are JOHN LESLEY RANDALL/SUSAN SOPHIE RANDALL. he had brothers/sisters namely Harry/Elizabeth and others. please anyone with information of their whereabouts contact me +254 0721215127, I will appreciate a lot.

Lyn Daniels nee Linda Austin <>


I was born in Eldoret in 1955 and went to Loretto Convent in 1960 and 1961 and from there I went to Nairobi Primary School till 1968. Anyone that recognises my name, I would love to hear from you.

Alexandra Star <>


I was born in Nakuru in 1950 at the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital. My birth name was Sandra Watchman Storrar. I went to Nakuru School, and then we moved to Nairobi when I was about eight. I attended Westlands Primary School there. My father, Alexander Storrar, was the Deputy Director of Agriculture, and then the Director of Settlement. He was one of the few British who stayed to help the new African government after independence. My mother, Bunny Storrar, taught at various schools, including Kenya High, Westlands, Agha Khan Schools, Duke of York, and Prince of Wales. My bother, Jimmy Storrar, went to Prince of Wales and then Strathmore.

Bruce Fuller <>


I have been trying to locate any information on a man named, variously, Ronald B Delabere* or Ronald D. Barker. He was born in NZ around 1890. He moved to England and then joined the 25th Royal Fusiliers in 1915 and went to BEA. After that war I believe he was a planter and hunter. He had married a lady in England in 1915 named Dorothy. They divorced in 1929. Ronald apparently lived in the Rufiji area and earned the nickname 'Hermit Hunter'. He wrote several books and articles relating to the Rufiji area one actually published as 'Rufiji'. He self published a number of small books and had them distributed by the Dar es Salaam bookshop. He published one called the 'Five shilling wife' in the 1960's. If anyone can please help I would be very grateful. I am just adding to New Zealand history.

NOTE: * Delamere ?

Jan Ellis (nee Janet Bradley) <>


I'm Janet, the youngest of the Bradley family (father Jim (deceased) and mother Barbara living in Perth, W.A.) who lived in Woodley Estate. My elder brother Jimmy, sister Susan and I all went to Woodley Primary. Jimmy and Susan then went on to attend Delamere Boys/Girls school. We then left to live briefly in Perth, Western Australia returned as the Bradley Trio (a lot of fun singing) I then attended Delamere Girls. We are all married. Jim lives in Norfolk, has a daughter and a son and lucky, 4 grand daughters Susan lives in Perth, WA lucky again with one of each and 2 grandchildren and I live in Cumbria and my husband John and we are still on the waiting list for grandchildren, we have a daughter and a son both living in Perth. Would love to hear from anyone that knows us!

Reading the list I only know a few people my age born in 1951 but recognize a lot of names.

Peter Ace <>


Born Nakuru. Lived Bahati Nakuru. Went to Nakuru & Kericho primary schools. Parents Joan & Tudor Ace. Siblings Ian, Lynda & Anthony. Now living in Devon U.K. since 1962

Peter Billowes<>


Prince of Wales School 1952 to 55. Now retired and living in Durban SA. Anybody remember me ???

Taru Martikainen-Parsons<>


I was born in Finland but moved to Kenya with parents needless to say my two sisters Suvi and Sisko were born in Nairobi Hospital. We Lived in Kenya from 1966-1980.My sister Suvi and I went to St. Georges Primary School until Standard 5/4 then went to Loretto Convent for the rest of our years, I finished my CPP exam there and We moved to CANADA. My Father worked for, at that time, IPL, Industrial Plant Limitd on Thika Road. I Remember the jobs dad had with Tusker/Pilsner, Delmonte,etc. He also managed to drive in the East Africa Safari Winning First, Second and Third places consecutively in the 3 years he drove. Our family came across many other families from many different countries, I could name them but this would go too long, if you remember us please email back. My Father's name: Osmo Martikainen, Mother: Raija. We lived at the flats on Lenana Road near St. Georges Primary, then moved to Tigoni Road by Arwings Kodek Road. My sisters and I went to Rose Nursary School.

Michael William Platt <>


I was born in Kampala, Uganda in 1953, but moved to Nairobi at 9 months. My parents were Michael and Norma Platt. My father worked for National and Grindlays (or their fore-bears). I went to Westlands Primary School, leaving in 1962, when we moved to UK. We later emigrated to Perth WA in 1968. By then I was the eldest of six children. I left WA in 1981 to train and practice as an anaesthetist in London, where I still reside.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew particularly my parents in Kenya, both of whom are still alive and kicking!

David Beverley Waldron KR4128 <>


Am trying to trace my brother-in-law Raymond (Rastus) Randall KR4170.Both in the 2nd batch in Salisbury. I married his sister Noreen Joan Can anyone help. Great web site which brings together a closer bond with friends world wide. Congrats. to all concerned.



Bev Waldron <>


Born Nakuru, Dad (see entry above) worked for Dalgety's. lived in Mombasa Nyali estate.

Friends with John and Mary Sandifer, Rick Johnston, Carrie and David Hall, Niel and Pete Hopkinson. Niel Simmonds just to name a few.

Patrick Carlin <>


Born Nakuru Memorial Hospital (British Army) 1st Aug 1960. Travelled to various army bases. Father was Sgt, Richard Carlin 1st Batt Irish Fusiliers .

Robin Hutton


Born in Eldoret 1953 moved to Nairobi Educated at Westlands Primary School and Upper Hill Secondary (Delemare) Have now moved to Perth Western Australia. The link is to the Kenya photos on my Flickr page. Use the link via flickr for contact.

vivien jordan <>


Moved to Nairobi in 1951 when I was one. My parents Edna and John Jordan (both deceased) worked for E A R & H. I left Nairobi 1966 when my parents retired and moved to the U.K. big mistake for them once you have lived in Africa it never leaves you I have always found it very difficult to settle myself in cor blimey!! We lived at 30 Mutombarta Crescent just up the hill past the golf club. I remember a gang of us there was Harold and his brother William (surname ?) Ken Pratt and his brother and Pam Holegate. We had behind our bungalow Wilson Airport and the yacht club.

Such fond memories of our picnics in Nairobi Game Reserve which we had all to ourselves!! Not another car to be seen then. I attended a Kindergarten in the early years and then Nairobi Primary School. I wish I could remember names but unfortunately .......My sister Virginia attended Kenya High School. Perhaps there is someone that might recall our names.

peter kiboi <>


It's exciting to hear of those who once worked for kcc. I am working with kcc as chief engineer and would be excited to share about kcc then and now.

John Evan Lewer Roberts <>


Born Cardiff, Wales 8/10/1929 Aldenham School, Hertfordshire, Royal Agricultural College Cirencester.

Stock Manager, Luoniek Ranch, Laikipia, Kenya Police Reserve Mounted Section, Kenya Regiment [KR4431[, 3rd Intake July 1953

Farm Manager John Etherinton, Kinangop

Farmed my 920 acres at Lessos, Migrated South Africa and then UK. Presently living Surrey, England.

John Randall<>


My name is John Randall (a. k.a . Bok ) Is there anybody out there that remembers me ? I was born in Nairobi in 1945 and went to Parklands Primary School from 1951 to 1958 and to Delamere High School from !958 to 1963. before moving to Durban ( South Africa ) where I have lived ever since. My Father worked for the E,A.R .& H and my Grand Parents farmed at Kahowa/Dandora.

I married Gail Ball ( also from Nairobi) and have 2 grown up married children One in S.A. and the other in Brisbane. If anyone knows how I can contact Rob Poole. (still in Kenya ) or Steve Bonnett (Ex Kenya and now living in Australia ) I would greatly appreciate your help.

Wendy Gay (nee Francis) <>


I was born in Nakuru War Memorial Hospital in 1955, parents Peter and Jean (nee Dormer) Francis. My father, Peter, (who sadly passed away in 1976) served as Captain in the Kenya Regiment in 1944-46, worked for Soil Conservation 1946-51, followed by a few years each at Marminet Saw Mills (Thomson Falls) and then Farm Machinery Distributors (Nairobi). We briefly lived in Dar-es-Salaam prior to the family returning to Wales, UK in 1962 whilst I was only 6.

I have few memories of my life in Kenya, unfortunately, but I would like to get in touch with anyone who might have known my wonderful father. I know that he was acquainted with Sid Moscoff, Ernie Gibson, Harry Lloyd (who I was lucky to meet but who have since regretfully passed away). John Dugmore is another name that comes to mind.

My mother, Jean Francis (who passed away 4 years ago), met and married my father in Thomson's Falls. She had worked at the Barry Hotel . Her parents were Percy & Jesse Dormer who originally moved to Entebbe in 1948.

I live in Brisbane, Australia but one day I hope to revisit Kenya.

Web Note: I somehow connect Peter Francis with an Hispano Suiza motor car in Thompson's Falls. and Jean as the woman who took my gun off me at reception in Barry's Hotel. PH.

Alastair Thomas <>


 I grew up with my younger brother David on Kitumbe tea estate, Kericho and went ot St Andrews School Turi 1948-54. Contemporaries there included Ian Lochhead (Popeye), Rhoderic Hawker (Roddy), Peter Bock, Norbert Veit (he had a younger brother, Wilfried), Michael Simpson (he had a younger brother, Angus), John Ault, John Elliot. Other contemporaries at St Andrew’s were Hilary Gray (married name Cumming – her parents were Mollie & Geoffrey Gray of Kericho), Julian, Miles and Adrian Larby, Andrew and Wendy Cobb, Shelmerdine Glasgow, Rosemary Beakbane, Gerald Hutton, Patricia Wilson and her twin brothers David and Jonathan from Kericho, Jamie, Elspeth and Victoria Grant, Torquil McLeod - I'd be interested to hear from any of them. My cousin was John Ramsay Watson, an architect in Nairobi 1951-75 - he designed the cylindrical Hilton Hotel, and I'd be interested to know what else he designed. Intending to visit Kenya April 2012.

Gordon Walbank <>


Kenya 1950-1960 Kilimani Primary Seeking Andrew Williams, John Railson, June Hart and Lorraine Debreff.

Thanks in anticipation


Nic Janse van Rensburg  <>


Can anyone help? Nicolas Jacobus Janse Van Rensburg was married to Hyla Magdalene Visagie  (died 16oct 1934) from Naivasha. I believe he passed away 25th March1952 .find activity of his life until 1941.then nothing, his son was Jacobus Oosthuizen Petrus Visagie Janse Van Rensburg  born 4oct 1917, died 29oct 1954 in Nairobi.

Stuart Reeves <>


Born in Nairobi in 1955.Schooled there (could have been St Marys and Loroto). Father Bill Reeves worked for East African Railways and mother Marie for East African Airways.Left Kenya 1962 on Rhodesia Castle arriving in England where we stayed for three years before moving to Australia 1965. Been here ever since.

Will Rolt <>

I am trying to find Mary Elizabeth Powell (born McNab) . She will  be in her mid 70's now. I think Mary might have gone to Australia. I am researching  family history. If anyone knows or knew of her and feels able to let me know I would be delighted. Mary was married to Spike Powell, and was at the Blue Lagoon, Malindi where they ran an aqua sports holiday resort.

Spike was killed by in an aircraft hit by a missile....See Page 5. Mary lives in Uk.



Nairobi Primary then the Prince of Wales. Full time KPR at Thika, Narok and Namanga. EAA for 12 years in Nairobi. Kampala and Dar. Married to Jen (Hawes) have a Son and Daughter who with their families live in the UK. Jen and I are retired in Cape Town. STILL involved with Motor Sport.



 I am looking for anyone who remembers me , especially a girl who was called Janet Wilday, her father was in the British army, and a girl galled Glenda Rowan, her father was an American missionary from Georgia U.S.A.

We all went to Parklands primary school and then I went to Delemare girls High.