Derek Woolfall <>


Lived in Nairobi until 1954. Prince of Wales (Scott House). Kings College Newcastle to U of California Berkeley to Transportation planning all over. Now with Denver Regional Transportation District - soon to retire.

C.J. McBrearty (Chris & Jill) <>


Prince of Wales, Kenya Regiment, 4023. Lived in Nairobi. Now living in Masterton New Zealand.

Phone 06 377 3844

Chris passed away in 2007.

George Manuel <>


Born in Nakuru Kenya,1943, son of Ruth and George Manuel who farmed in Bahati, Nakuru..Went to St Andrews school Turi 1949-55, Prince of Wales, Scott House 1956-60,

Married Janet Vickers, two children Hollie <> and Jamie. in Brazil 62-66, Kitale 66-83.

Now living in Solai close to farm I was born on with wife.

Gerald (Gerry) Beers <>


Prince of Wales, Hawke house. Years: 1948-1952

Trinity College, Dublin. BA, BAI (Engineering.). Boxing colours.

EAR&H 1956-1962 (Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kilosa, Ruvu).

Played rugby for Dar and Kilosa.

Working life spent on major construction sites in UK, Abu Dhabi, Canada and USA.

Finished as a director of Taylor Woodrow Construction in UK. Now retired.

Living in Berkshire, England.

Colin Dye


The second son of Douglas & Ann Dye, lived in Kenya and Tanzania before moving to Perth, Western Australia. Colin was interested in the arts & moved to London at the age of 16. In 1975 Colin joined the Church, and is now the Senior Minister of the Kensington Temple in London. He has a wife & two daughters. Some photos here.

Campbell-Gillies, Chum, <>


ex Prince of Wales and Customs Mombasa and Tanga left in 1965 for Durban South Africa, married to Shelley (nee DE LA HEY MOORES) ex Loreto Convent, Msongari. Was living in Woodland, Washington State, USA. since June 2001, but now believed to be back in Durban.

Gavin Keith MacHutchin <>


Born Kabete 1940 Lived in Karen. Duke of York School, Kenya Regiment, 7490, then Gordon Highlanders and finally, Rhodesian Corps of Signals. Emigrated to US. Attended Eastern Washington University (BA), Boston University (MA), University of Puget Sound (BEd). Taught in State College System in Massachusetts History and Anthropology. Now teaching in a Juvenile Detention Centre in Tacoma, Washington State.

Patrick Michael Collins <>


Prince of Wales Clive House 1957-1961. Living in Durban Natal RSA. Ex Kenya Regiment, 7436. Divorced.

Lesley Allcorn <>



Born in Nakuru, Jack and Jill kindergarten school in Nakuru 1963/4 then to UK. I think I went to about three primary schools before going to the Sacred heart convent for one year. I hated it and so left and went to St. Gregory's comprehensive in Tunbridge wells Kent, I made head girl in sixth form, and then left to get married in 1976.

I went out to the Ivory coast West Africa for three years, before returning to Kent. Apart from holidays I have lived in UK since.

I now have my own business, The Spitfire Cafe, Stratton, Swindon, Wiltshire UK. We do a mean curry!

Oliver Keeble <>


Pembroke House 1961 - 1966, St Mary's 1968 - 1972. Son of O J (John) Keeble, Pembroke House, Prince of Wales 1932 - 1939, 4th KAR, Trinity Oxford and Hunter & Greig Advocates, Kampala, now deceased. Children, Guy, Lulu and Brent all Pembroke House 1986 - 1999. Living & working in Nairobi.

Simon Templer <>


I left NZ for Australia in 1999.

Phone= 07 5578 9537

Andrew potter <>


Born Nairobi. Went to St. Georges primary and Delamere schools.

Father worked for E.A.R.& H. Left Kenya 1966.Now living in East Sussex U.K. Mother lives in Mombasa still.

Remembering all the good times and friends we had.

Monty Dames <>


Born In Salisbury Rhodesia in 1947, lived in Tanganyika and then Kenya.

Parklands primary and later a boarder at Nyeri primary.

Attended POW as a boarder finished form 2 before moving to S. Africa.

Father, Bill worked for Mowlem, mother Kootie and brother Jan all since passed away.

Jim (Fatso) Landells. <>


Was a pupil at Nakuru School (Cook House)1947 to 1951. Then to the D.O.Y. Mitchell and Thomson, 1952 to 1956 inc. Now live in Western Australia. Am looking for a publisher who prints and distributes books with an Afro/Australian background. i.e. Cattle ranching, game raising, wildlife etc. Would like to contact Harry Nicholson once of the P.O.W. who was last heard of in Victoria, Australia.

Sherry Hatfield (nee Stewart) <>


My brother Roy, born in Nyeri 1955, and I, spent till 1963 in Kenya. I now live in Australia and my brother lives in New Zealand. Does anyone know us, or have shared memories?

Andrew Templer <>


My father was David Eric Templer (deceased) who worked on EAR&H. Mother was Ivy Templer (still going strong) My father had four brothers (John, Chris, Michael & Simon) all lived in East Africa at some time.

I was born in 1955 in Nairobi and travelled with my parents until they came back to the UK in 1962. Very fond memories of my short time in East Africa. Would love to hear from anybody who knew my parents or my uncles.

Peter Moeller <>


I worked from 1965 through 1970 in Kenya. We were constructing the Muhoroni and Chemelil Sugar Factories. I was living in Kisumu at that time.

I would love to hear from people I might have known in those days and who might remember me. (Kisumu Club?)

Ian Hodson <>


I attended Westlands Primary School and was one of the first to go to the co-ed Delamere School then transferred to Delamere Boys School. I left Kenya in 1961 and eventually joined the RAF to fly. My father worked for Wilken Air Services (Eric Hodson) and my mother (Agnes) for local government. Would love to hear from anyone from these long lost days!

Manjusha Mammen<>


I lived at Karatina, studied at Moi Nyreri Complex.The wildlife and marvelous beauty of Kenya are still a dream for me. Now I am in India.

Sandeep Bastodkar <>


I spent 16 lovely years of my childhood in Kenya up to 1978. Terrific memories of the place, would love to touch base with any former friends, classmates of Westland's Primary School or Upper Hill School (formerly Delamere Boys High School)

Mick Parry <>


Ex Prince of Wales (Scott), left 1960 joined Daily Nation. Kenya Reg, 7446, last course, Lanet 1962. Married Val (nee Griggspall) 1966 - next February our 40th anniversary! Worked on EA Standard, later on newspapers in Durban, then Perth, Sydney and now back in Perth. Both working in the oil and gas industry. Have son and daughter and now one grandson, one grand-daughter. Life is good - love to hear from anyone who might remember us or who'd care to reminisce or visit.

Annie McMillan <>


Born Brighton, UK went to Nairobi 1953 aged 10. Educated Loreto Convent, Msongari & Loreto Convent, Valley Road. Worked as secretary EAR & H early 1960's. Brother Malcolm McMillan educated St Marys, Nairobi. I have 4 adult kids, 4 grandies. Malcolm also 4 kids. Been in NZ now 30 years. Malcolm here also. Would love to hear from anyone.

Chris Dickenson <>



Chris was born in Nairobi (1943), Lived in Mombasa, Moshi, Jinja, Nakuru and Nairobi. St Mary's 1952-1960 Ken Reg 7494. Left Kenya in 1962. Career as Technical Publisher and Author. Now lives in UK.

Kenn Kamau <>


Born in Nakuru, went to Moi Primary school (formerly lena moi), then proceeded to Nakuru high school (Francis Scott school, prince of Wales) now working with customs dept in Mombasa, I believe am the youngest on this page, mid twenties. Nakuru high school is still intact and full of its rich glory in the buildings apart from the stables... I can forward a few photos to anyone.

Alison Julia Miles <>


Regarding Hazel she looks like the bridesmaid at my parents wedding, I don't know the year they were married but I do know my dad was in the police force and I was born in Nanyuki. He was David and he married Winnefred from South Africa.

James Davies <>


Went to Kenya on the next to last flight of BOAC flying boat in 1949. Grew up in Langata/Karen. DOYS Lugard to 1955-58. My dad was the construction boss of the KGHS [boma] in early 50s. Kenya Regt. then to the UK - Parachute Regiment - to Canada pilot in Canadian Artillery. Just retired from teaching High School . Live on Vancouver Island. Happy marriage with 3 kids

john and sandra davies <>


Hi john and I lived in Dandora where John worked for Mowlem construction, we then moved to Nzoia for a short while before we moved to Kitale, when we often visited Mumias sugar plantation. This was in the mid to late 70's.If anybody remembers us then please get in touch. Sandra Davies.

John Horley <>


16 Norfolk Court, Cooloola Cove, Queensland .4580. Australia.

Son of Noel Arthur Horley teacher at p.o.w from 46-61. I went to school at Turi school Parklands Nairobi primary.

Also Kings school Bruton Summerset returned to Kenya did an apprenticeship with East African Airways as an Engineer.

Left Kenya 1962. Went to U.K. then to New Zealand now living in Australia Queensland.

Dighton Brown <>


Born in Nakuru 1961. St Michaels Soni Tanzania then St Mary's Nairobi. Then went to RSA and worked as a Ranger now in the UK. Married and 3 kids.

Dad was Bob Brown PWD till after Independence then Professional Hunter. Mum, Shirley born in Nairobi is now known as Wandering Gran and spends her time between NZ and Australia. Sister Kathy, Msongari, lives in Queensland. Sister Linda lives in NZ.

Mwelwa Musunsa <>




Hello ,my name is Mwelwa Kafumukache Musunsa and 34 years old now. My sister Jill and I schooled at Loreto Mombassa Convent from 1974 to 1979.We were the only pupils from Zambia then, so Im sure it is not difficult to remember us. My Dad Knox Mwelwa Musunsa worked as Company Secretary for a Corporation then called East and Southern African Shipping Line. (The Company was owned by Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania).We lived in Nyali.

My Class mates used to call me Wawa. We never seem to forget the elite students and high class teaching that we were once offered there . We used the Standards of Loreto as an ideal for the schools we later went to.

Ron Clarke<>



Lived in Nairobi 1956 - 1962.

Attended Delamere Boys School before and after in ceased to be co-educational.

Now living in Victoria, Australia.

Would welcome any contact from former friends.

Howard Gray <>

Phone: 00447917294468


Lived in Tanganyika from 1950 to 1960 went to St Michael's Soni. My grandmother Dorothy Smythe lived in Nairobi during this period, she worked for EAR&H. I would like to contact Charles Galetly, Liz Harvey, Louise Brannigan all from Tanganyika during this time.

I now live in the US in Brooklyn. Spent many years in the UK at School in Worcester later in London practiced at the Bar for many years before coming over the pond to Brooklyn. My wife Marilyn died last year. Now contemplating a move to New Hampshire were the life is more like the outback with Bears and Moose.

Would be pleased to email correspond with folks from the 50s as Kids in Kenya of Tanganyika. My chum Chris Benham from Kenya in the 50s and early 60s is now in New Zealand with his family. His sister Judith went there too. So many colonials seem never to return to Blighty. I wonder why? Nuff said!

Alex Wilson<>


St. Michaels, Soni Tanzania, St Mary's School Nairobi. Left end 1973.ex Tigoni, Limuru.

Now living in Perth Western Australia.

Ian Mearns <>


Surviving old age in the Highlands of Scotland. Ex tea and dokg

Geoff Maina <>


Born in Nakuru and subsequently lived in Nakuru (Kenyatta Primary),Narok (Narok Primary), Eldoret (Eldoret Union) and Kitale. Went to Nakuru High 1981-1984 and Njoro High 1985-1986.

Moved to Canada and attended University of Manitoba and University of Connecticut. Currently living and working in Ottawa region , Ontario, Canada. Married ( Dinie- Toronto University- Pharmacy) and three children (Oliver, Sarah and David).

john webster <>


I was born in Kenya ( when we pronounced it Keenya) in 1949. My father Harold, mother Irene and sister Lynne lived in Nairobi from 1946-58.

I went to Parklands Primary School '57 & '58 and am looking for ex pupils from there in those years particularly Shirley Price (maiden name) and Christopher West .Anyone who can help feel free to e-mail me. I am now living in South Australia. It's ok but not as good as those old Kenyan days. Thanks for this site JW.

Digby Danvers <>


Nairobi, Born 1961, St Michael's Soni,(T.Z.) was the last one left when the school closed. Pembroke House. (David Opie was the head). First intake to Hillcrest Secondary Nairobi. Left Kenya in 1979 but still have a house in Muthaiga and go back regularly.



Would love to catch up with all ex Regiment & E.A.R&H CME Dept personnel. For the years 1954-1964.

Am currently in contact with a number of the above both in Oz & overseas, but there are so many more I would love to contact.

Angus John Welford <>


I was born in Nairobi in 1946, son of Spen and Peggy Welford (Spen KRTC no. 155. Grew up in Ruiru, Wanjohi, Lympstone in Devon, Thika. Went to Nbi Primary 56-59 and PoW 60-64, Rhodes House. I taught Maths and Science at Greensteds, 1969 and 70 and then Pembroke House 1970 to 76. Met Gaye, my wife and emigrated to Australia, to Geelong. Now live at Lal Lal, a tiny little dorp near Ballarat, Victoria. I spent twenty years teaching at Geelong Grammar School, mostly at the Timbertop Campus.

Currently I am writing as book about my parents and wish to catch up with anybody who may have known them.

Christer Johansson <>


Ex Nairobi and Mombasa Primary, and Duke of York now live in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. Are there any ex Kenya residents here on the Island?

Geoff Summerfield <>


I lived in Nakuru and Elbergon from 1955 to 1959. My father Ginger and Muriel, his wife, owned Nakuru Electric co in lake road, he was also a member of Lodge Menangai. He and Johnny Hudson started Njoro Industries making fertilizer from Flamingo droppings scraped off Lake Nakuru!! love to go back, but I guess its too late now.

Wynne Kenyon <>


I lived in Ruaraka 1947 to 1953 went to school Kenya Girls high School, also worked for Sid Gold in Nairobi. My brother Tom went to Duke of York school and went on to work for ER&H, sadly he passed away four years ago. I would love to hear from any who worked with me and especially Rusty Ishmael who I believe went to the Prince of Wales school, I have visited Nairobi several times in the past few years but now am not able to travel, I miss Kenya very much and now that I am getting on in years I don’t know how much time I have left, would love to hear from anyone who has photos of Prince of Wales pupils.

Ray Knowles <>


Born in Nairobi 1939, schooled at the Hill school Eldoret in the mid 40's as we were living in Lugazi Uganda at the time, then moved to Nairobi, attended Parklands Primary then POW Nicholson house after Junior and Intermediate. Left in Mar 1957, volunteered for Ken Reg training in Aug 1957 as it was the last 4 month course at the KRTC (6541) at Lanet. Worked briefly in the EAR&H then the Motor trade. Was involved in Motorsport and spent as much time as poss in the bush and Game Parks, Left Kenya in 1974 and lived in Zambia Malawi Botswana and SA. Relocated to UK in 2002 where my wife and I now live. Still working and miss Africa especially Kenya very much, but went back for a visit in 2006 and very sad at the corruption and general deterioration.

Mark Brownridge <>


Hi lived in Kenya 1955 -1960 Parklands Primary Nairobi 2yrs Kimilili Kitale School 1958-60. Came back 1961 Uhuru and all that Dad Ronald Brownridge White Hunter Brown and Brown Photographic Safaris Nairobi then Veterinary Dept injecting cattle against Rindepest. Mum Winnifred Brownridge teacher Parklands Kitale School. Remember .22 Mannlicher shooting dic dic ,trout fishing on Mt Elgon ,tick fever,jiggers,leeches while duck shooting etc any body else with such bizarre memories have been civilised for 50 yrs just finished teaching career but somehing still rankles, Have been back to masai mara ,amboseli, tsavo mombasa dianai beech but hated it. Remember pyrethrum sisal green pigeons and sound of chui coughing in night

Gordon Lynn <>


Born Nairobi 1950 lived on Sandford Grove Woodley went to Delamere Boys school worked for Marshalls EA then left for the UK in 1973 now living in Carlisle Cumbria after working for twenty years in Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman looking to make contact with expats

Christopher Stanley Porter

Email Address:

Phone number: 0419148189


I was brought up in Kenya , was in the last full time Kenya Reg Course in Lanet , course no 18 my reg no 7441 , was in with Mick Parry , I lived in Eldoret and went to school at the Hill School . I am married have 4 adult children and 2 grownup grand children. My wife is an English nurse we have been married 51 years. We live in Townsville , Queensland (Aust). I am retired but spend a lot of time doing photography , I am also a Queensland JP and that keeps me busy.

Edward (Eddie Mole)  <>


Was born in Nairobi in 1943, went to Kilimani and then Woodley primary schools. Went on to Delamere High and eventually managed to transfer to the Prince Of Wales. Father, Eric, taught at the Nairobi Primary School, He also supervised the 'school train' to the Coast at the end of term, his nick name was 'Two Minuites' then he taught masonry at the Kabete Technical and Trade School, Mother worked for the East African High Commission. We lived on the Ngong Road opposite Adams Arcade until about 1958 when we moved to Fletcher Gardens until we left Kenya in '61. I would like to get in touch with anyone who knew me.



Hi all you Kenya friends of old, hope life is treating you well.........