Heather Rooken-Smith (nee: Griffin) has published a book.

Heather lives at Caprivi River Lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River, Namibia.


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Clive Dingwall

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I Lived and worked with parents on a farm in MAU NAROK. Emigrated to Sydney Australia in 1961. Went to Nakuru School , Prince of Wales '56, Kenya regiment 6620.


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Name: Anna Ashley Van Breemen

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Hi My name is Anna and I am looking for some more information about the nursing home Alice Beaton the house is more than 100 years old and I know it is Nairobi in Africa and I wanted to ask if it is still there and if it is still a nursing home and if it is, is there a way to contact that nursing home because I have a birth certificate from my grandma and we wanted to find more information about her certificate and the only thing we know is that she was born in the Alice Beaton nursing home in Nairobi, Kenya. Could you please help with this, and getting in contact with that home I hope I get an email back.

Name: Peter Torrens

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I am the nephew of a former Kenya Regiment soldier and I believe Kenyan at heart who I knew as Uncle Kevin but his full name is James Kevin Hughes Torrens KR 4589/5754. He passed away some 16 years ago from cancer in Cape Town. I thought that maybe some of his former colleagues may have been curious of his fate. It should be noted that the Ngami times got his age wrong he was 75 when he died. To give a ridiculously abridge history after leaving the regiment he stayed in Kenya working as a professional hunter. Only returning to England when he found he couldn’t stay in Kenya under Daniel Moi sometime in the early 1980’s. Finding himself a fish out of water he obtained a degree in civil engineering, but never got certified. He then moved to Botswana in 1990 (I think), eventually building a house just outside of Maun and enjoying the African flora and fauna which was his passion. He lived the rest of his life in Maun only moving into care in Cape Town when the cancer got too bad. Kevin never married nor had children hence why I’ve ended up in possessions of his things. The photo attached is from a photo album that friends gave Kevin in Kenya in 1971. Regards Peter Torrens.

James Kevin Hughes Torrens KR 4589/5754: He was originally KR 4589 which means that he was probably trained in Rhodesia during the 2nd half of 1953. His number could have been changed for many reasons. Temporary absence from the country, secondment to another Unit such as the K.A.R, civil service, or promotion to an Officer.
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I was born in Eldoret in the late 40s, so am bit of a mzee, but thrilled to have found this site. As most of my contemporaries were mainly Goan, Sikh, Parsee, or Hindu boys and girls during my studies at Uasin Gishu Primary & Secondary Schools(now re-named Uasin Gishu High School),then finished off at the 64 Secondary School, before emigrating to the UK in late 1966 to enlist in the Royal Air Force, I would love to hear from ex-Eldoret or e-Kenya folks, share past images when I was never into capturing memories on film. Still speak very fluent Swahili to this day. Lived in the area by the Muslim cemetery and the Hindu Arya Samaj(opp photo). Late father had a chemists stores by the very first and only supermarket in Eldoret, Hassanali's opposite the then Veterinary Department(on stilts) on Uganda Road, a road that in those halcyon days one could safely walk in the middle, but today, would be run over by the long, long interminable oil tankers convoys from Mombasa to Uganda, etc


Note: The Chinese have built an Oil pipeline to Uganda.

Name: sherry hatfield

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Hello, My brother and I went to Nairobi Primary school in the early 1960s. we left Kenya in 1963. I would love to hear from anyone that we might have known? I have such fond memories, that I have written and published a book.


A very late Obituary but someone may have known my father. My father, Norman Simmins Stewart(Paddy), served as a member of the Kenya Police from 1954 to 1963. He was a Superintendent, in charge of Transport for Kenya. I was told that Mum and Dad drove from Tanganyika through to Kenya and three hours after they left the Police Station at Fort Hall? It was attacked by the Mau Mau. I have known about the association for a long time, but was only reminded today, when my brother Roy, sent me a copy of The Kenya Police, a Living History. In fact, my brother Roy, was born in Nyeri. I remember many of the stories told by my father and also have a number of photographs. My mother Hanna is still alive, she is 96. Mum still insists on living in Auckland, new Zealand, as that is where my father is buried. My brother Roy, lives in Brisbane. Does anyone remember my father and would like to contact me?



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