Bill (Abe) Morton & Steve Bothma


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I Left England in 1946 to join my father who was a pilot at Williamson Diamond Mines Mwadui Nr Shinyanga Tanzania. I attended Mbeya School and then Prince of Wales Nairobi.Lived at Muthaiga Club with my mother and sister Kay. Kenya Regiment No 6204. Moved to South Africa in 1962. where I was in Banking and Insurance.Now live in England near Tunbridge Wells,Kent. I would enjoy talking to any guys or girls for that matter from Prince of Wales or Ken Reg.

Kerry Taylor



I want to find my biological Father all I know is that he was from Nairobi and was called Paul Mzenge...he met my Mother Wendy Probym in the early 70s and visited my grandparents at their home in Southend Essex, how can I find him? Hope he is still alive and well.

Lesley La Hay

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My name was Christine Pattinson born 3rd June 1960 Edinburgh ..Looking for Elizabeth Rhoda Pattinson who was living in Nakuru around 1960 and worked at Nakuru Hospital. Or if anyone knows of any family or friends who could help me find her that would be great...she would now be in her early 70's. Also looking for family friends of the late John Agate . He died 1959-1960. Many thanks.

Charles Ronald Tully


Phone: 02085586678


Subject: POWales 1950 to end 1953 Hawke House

Message: Any of these could email me David Shelton,Ted Goss,Rastas Bond,Johnny Rathbone(?),Martin Swan,John Squires,Sol Turk,John Yarinakis,Basil Zagoritis,Klaus Eckhardt,George Knight.Ronnie Zanetti.



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Hello, I am Kelvin turning 26years come July 2016. I am searching for my Dad, my Mum passed away the year 2000, she had not told me anything about him since I was still a kid. I came to know later a few of his details: Name :Mwangi Muturi, used to work in a certain bank at Nairobi in the years 1990-1991. Something else i didn't get well "2332" I don't know whether it was a telephone number or some kind of an address. If anyone has any ideas please give me some lead to him.... am the only child to my Mum and I will be glad to at last meet my dad.


I suggest contacting the Bank where he worked, they may have records. You could also try  Face-book. Good luck :) Peter. 




Message: My Dad was Ramathan Yusuf , he was a mechanic and fabricator, panel beater in Nairobi, Eastleigh. I want to know his whereabouts, and would be grateful for any help in tracing him.


NOTE from Webmaster: Please give more details like, age, race, tribe, birth place. Do you have siblings?

Rosamond Leeder nee Mungovan


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Lived in 1950s at Limuru. Twill be glad to hear from anyone who may know me.

Paula Marshall

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Dear Sir or Madam, I am hoping you can help me. We are going through our family album and history at the moment and I don't have much information on my Dad, William George Matheson (known as Billy). He was born in 1933 and I don't know too much about his time in the Kenya Regiment. I know he served with the Kenya Regiment, but I don't know when, where or for how long and would love to piece this information together. Sadly my father passed away in 1997 and I never had the chance to capture this information when he was alive. Thank you very much for your time and what a wonderful website.

Paula Marshall (nee Matheson).

Michael Nicholson

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I went to Kilimani Primary School from 1957-1962, recently my mum handed me some old 'things' that she had taken out of my school uniform bush jacket pockets before they went into the dhobi. Amongst others, a very faded list of names on a 'matrix' which I recall referred to 'love charts' or popularity lists ; all the boys names across the top, all the girls names down the side, and with about 30 in the class, the boys had to rank the 15 girls, respectively the girls, the boys. all now very socially incorrect, but we were very young. either by memory or just about legible are : Wendy Periam, Gillian Ruby, Gillian Garside, Margaret Lea, Sheila Matheson, G..Thatcher , Giovanna la Magna, Rainier Westenberg, Roger Cullen, Nigel Clifford, Neil Macdonald, Adrian Searle, John Harrisson , David Gault, Michael Rose, John Dall..more, David Morrison, ... must have been 1962ish.

Heuff Andrée

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I was in kindergarten school of Muthaiga Nairobi in Kenya where I was born in August 28 1957.

Were you also there ? I still have a picture of my class must have been in 1962

Best regards


NOTE: Please send a photo.

Gordon Bell

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dorothy O'Grady (nee Du Plessis) ex Loreto Convent Msongari. She was last heard of in Durban running a bakery . She was the daughter of Betty Du Plessis. I urgently need to contact her but there is no reply from her last email address .

Name: Edwin


Phone: 0702703156/0738900847


Subject: Missing person


Hello friends and family.the attached photo is for Stephen Ngigi Waweru(uncle) who went missing. Anyone who has seen him ,kindly inform the family or you can reach us through this numbers.0702703156/0729093928:


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I went to St.Teresa's Convent - Eastleigh in Nairobi until 1959. I had a lovely Nun - Mother Thomas Moore - as my teacher... I would love to see her then and now. Would like to know if she is still alive and well. I now live in France.

Mitchell Awuor Opondo


Phone: 0795846767


Subject: Finding missing Mitchell Opondo.

I am kindly asking everyone from the bottom of my heart to help me find Mitchell,who went missing from 5th.Nov. Anyone who might come across her please contact me through this numbers 0795846767/0712144284/0720906747 or kindly report to the nearest police station.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Kevin Connor


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Lived in Kenya with my parents Frank and Chris Connor. Father was in the British Army stationed in Nakuru from 1951/52. Fell in love with Kenya and was buying a Farm near Meru, until the Mau-Mau troubles, Lost our farm in the troubles. He joined the Army again attached to the K.A.R. and chased the Mau-Mau until the end, went to Hong Kong with the Army and returned to Kenya in 55, where my sisters were born 55/56 in Nairobi. I attended the Beehive private schooled ruled by Mrs Delaforce, and in 59/60 progressed to Prince of Wales Boarding School {Nicholson House) for just 1 Year, then transferred to Hong Kong again. Would love to hear from anyone with similar memories.

Shirley Foster (joubert)



I went to Hill School, left for South Africa in 1960. Father Jack Joubert. Anyone know of him or remember him? He was married to Mary, siblings - Jean (Loreto Convent) Christine ( Hill School) Michael (Hill School) Would love to hear from anyone

Fiona Rook



Subject: Looking for friends.


Message: Ian Skack ? And a guy called Peter, we use to race our horses in Ngong Forest.

The photographer I met on Sudan airways was with my dog .

Peter Armstrong

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I lived in Naivasha grew up with Euan Anderson whom I visit when in the UK. Went to Nakuru Primary from 1946 TO 1951 When Harry Whiddett was the Headmaster. A lot of the names are familiar. Then went to the Duke of York from 1952 to 1956. In 1957 did the training at KRTC at Lanet having Dusty Miller as my Platoon Sergeant. From there went to Edgerton Agriculture College for a year. In 1959 went to the UK and worked for the Central Generating Board and got my City an Guilds in Electrical Installations. Spent 7 years then returned to Kenya in 1967 and worked for EAP&L for about a year.IN 1975 I left Kenya for Canada and have been here ever since. I have taken trips back to Kenya and to Australia for KR and DOY re-unions over the years.

Gary Morgan

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I came across the Duke of York sight and continued onto your sight and realized that this could be a way of contacting old school mates. We all started as juniors in 1956 and I left in 1958 and now live in Australia. The old school mates are: Peter Dickie [Home was Mombasa] Kirk House, I think he went to England and trained as a Vet Peter Giles Kirk House [ lived at Mathaiga] Became a Navigator plying between South Africa and the Arabian Gulf Ivan Smith [ Lived in Mombasa ] Sally Brooks [ don't know her married name] went to Nairobi Primary then to the Girls High School Mario Pache [ lived in Mombasa] Any Body know these friends or have have any info please contact me. Cheers

Patrick G Connett

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I have had the Kenya Regimental buffalo and colours embroidered on a baseball cap .If any body is interested in obtaining one ( about $18.00) please contact me .It appears the mailing cost, overseas from the USA ,is more expensive than the cap.

Name: Lisa cherry

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I am Trying to find both my parents, I was adopted in 1964 in Kenya by R.A.F service personnel. Then they brought me to the UK. Does any remember this.

Dr Tony Johnston

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Tony's New Zealand family are trying to locate his whereabouts in Kenya. This is most likely in or around Nairobi. If anyone has any information please email me. Tony worked with the United Nations in the area of population control and has been in Kenya for about 30 years.

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John Orton

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Hello. I have been scanning your site, quite interesting. It may help mzee people like me, if you could date each entry, month and year will do! I live in South-West Victoria, Australia. Thanks for that. Kind regards. John Orton, ex Dar-es-salaam Primary School, Kongwa School, Prince of Wales, Kenya Regiment.


There are hundreds of names on this site, I haven't a clue what the dates are, and even if I did I would probably expire before I finished entering them, I am 83!  Peter.

Ros Gallacher

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About 4 generations of my family lived in Kenya and very recently we wanted to do something about my great grandparents' grave in Nairobi which had become derelict. I googled and found an article in which described Chris Rapasi (I took out a temp membership so I could get hold of the whole article) who had built up a small business restoring and maintaining graves for families and diaspora. We made contact and, after some negotiation, settled on a price which we felt was reasonable and a restoration plan. The job was done and we've just received Chris' photos of the finished work. It is exactly what we asked for. The cemetery is close to Nairobi central park and there are a large number of graves looking very uncared for (there's a military/ex war graved sectioned off which is in excellent order by contrast). Chris would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have family buried there and who would like to see their grave(s) restored and hopefully the area made visit able again. He thinks it might be possible to attract the attention of the powers that be to make the cemetery more secure and cared for. There must be a lot of history there! Chris can be contacted at his email address: I've suggested Chris creates a website or at least a Facebook site so people can see pictures of his work. I hope this is helpful to others like us. Ros

Sarah Allder nee dalgleish



Subject: Seeking old friendsl

My father worked for the government. We lived in Limuru.. I attended the Kenya high from about 1958-1960. I am trying to find Hazel and Rona Stewart neighbours from Limuru. Also Alison Brazier a friend from Turi primary school. Her father worked in Ruanda.

And finally Judith Hatfield a friend from the high school. She moved to SouthAfrica

Chris Rapasi t/a Grave Care Services

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Do you have kin buried in Kenya and are not able to tend their final resting place because you live or work far away from here? Well,worry no more.They may be gone, but are a really 'never forgotten '.Please allow us to take your guilt away.We specialize in the repair/reconstruction and maintenance of graves for those who may have emigrated, but need a reliable service to tend their kinds grave. Almost all these old graves(with the exception of the war graves)are now derelict, and sad to visit.We have clients from the U.K. etc who would vouch for our integrity.Please also like us on Facebook, or contact us by email.We operate country wide in Kenya.Happy to be at your service.

Matita Glassborow (Mati)



I would especially like to contact sisters Patricia and Anne Richards, who were my friends at Loreto Convent Valley Road in the '50s and '60s. Patricia married John Winter and I think went to live in America.

Lorraine Scott-Davies



I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

I lived at the KRTC army camp from 1955 until 1958 with my parents Sgt Peter Scott-Davies and Muriel. I had a brother called Graham and my youngest brother Paul was born at Nakuru Memorial hospital in 1958. I went to a boarding school as a day scholar. then to Lugard school when it opened. Some lovely childhood memories though a bit hazy now. I have lived in the UK since leaving Kenya.

Carol Janssen née Beaton,


Phone: 0499474144 Netherlands


Subject: Looking for a couple of old friends.

Message: I was born in Kenya in 1939,went to Nairobi Primary then onto Limuru Girls school,I am looking for a Janet Bishop and Rosemary Peck.Am living in Holland and would like to get in touch.

Name: Catherine Maxon

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Phone number: 4199133925


Message: I am advocating for a family that is missing a man since 2011, from Uganda. It's rumored that he may've ended up in Kenya. His name is Ikendi Isaac. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Name: Fiona Lane

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Phone number: 0488788897


My mother was born in Nairobi and went to the local girls boarding school. I am trying to trace the name of this school so I can visit it next year. If anyone can help with information. I know she was raised in Kitale and there is mention of a house in Friars Rest , any information would be helpful. Her name is Deirdre Lane, her father was the missionary in Africa assuming Kitale.


NOTE: The school used to be "Kenya Girl's High School" Was known as the "Bhoma", Swahili for a cattle pen. Now is "Kenya High School"

Name: Ian Glasspell



Subject: John and Rita Ashworth

Message: Anyone with info ?

Adrian Ashworth

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I was in Kenya 1952 - 1962. Went to Kilimani and then to the 'Duke of York.

I would like to contact anyone who knew us. Now living in the U.K.

Name: Lawrence Burlo


Phone: 61 0400789202


Subject: Albert and Emmanuel BURLO


Does anyone have information on my father Albert Burlo, or uncle, Emmanuel Burlo who worked for EAR and EAM&H? Dad migrated to Australia, but my uncle passed away on Mombasa

Barbara Leech (nee Ward)



Subject: Loreto Convent Eldoret Kenya.



Looking for friends who attended the convent : mid sixties Rosalyn Putter, Jenny Booley

Vicki Igglesden (nee Hayne-Upson)

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I lived with my parents, Brenda and Nicholas Hayne-Upson, on a farm near Kimini (Kitale), from ca. 1954 til 1962, when I was sent to the UK. I briefly attended school in Kitale in 1962 (aged 9).

      I have a brother one year younger than myself. My mother, then Brenda Hayne, lived at Arash around 1947 to 1952, when she married my father and they went to Ireland. She attended Loretto Convent for a couple of years ca. 1947. My father, also known as Dennis, met my mother in Kenya, when he was visiting a friend in the Subukia area (only known to me as Totty), having been with the British army in Aden. Nicholas was sent to the UK in (?) 1962 to lobby the Foreign Secretary on behalf of the East African Farmers' Union, and did not return to Kenya.

      My grandparents, Raymond and Rachel Hayne, lived on a farm at Arash, Subukia. Raymond (nickname Tishy), b. 1900, went to Kenya (from Tunbridge Wells in the UK) ca. 1930, initially (I think) in the East African Rifles, and then as a District Commissioner, before setting up the farm at Arash. Rachel (nee Simpson) also came from Tunbridge Wells. Raymond and Rachel left Kenya in the early 1960s and lived near Cardigan, Wales. A great friend of theirs was huntsman with the local foxhounds, and was my godfather. I long ago lost touch with him and he is presumably now deceased.

     I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew any of these people, or who were in any of the areas mentioned around the times indicated. I currently live in South Africa.

Keith Cornick

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Have just found your website whilst looking up Westlands school in Nairobi. Memories of my wonderful time in Kenya were rekindled as I recently found my school badge from those days. Dad migrated to Kenya from the UK in 1953 followed by Mum and I in 54. Dad worked in the Engineering Dept EAR&H, and Mum worked for a while as a typist at the Army camp before moving to the Police in Nairobi. After Westlands I had to attend Delamare as both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York were outside our zone. Ultimately I was sent back to boarding school in England as I was not doing too well at the High school. It is terrific finding this site and will spend a good deal of time trawling through the guest pages.

Name: Marleen Verhoye

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Phone number: +32472629931


I am searching for my cousin Maurits Deschacht who moved in 1982 from Belgium to Nairobi. He had a garage there. It is possible that he moved to Nyeri. Please let me know if anyone knows of him.

Patrick Littlehales

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Phone number: 01903879176


My father John Littlehales was a coffee farmer at Ruiru then Kiambu. I left Turi School in 1962 and would love to catch up with old chums. I've been living in Italy but now back in South England.


Kenya reunion

December 5th 2018 – Wednesday

12pm pub, Chelsea.


Were you at school in Kenya circa 1955 – 1965? Turi maybe. Come and meet some old friends in London.


Where are you? Susan Casson, Gill Neville, Diana Tidmarsh, Arthur and Alice Brown, Simon Jefferson,

Geoffrey Peatling, Gail Nichols, Pippa and Fiona Mills, Charlotte Gaitskell, Paul Skinner, John Sutton,

Timothy Upton, Janet Lloyd, Robbie Godkin, Elspeth McPherson, Richard Lowenstein, Liz Phelips, Johnnie Sherwood, Jane Faber, Alan Riley, Fraser Roberts, Belinda Foxon, Susan Kennedy.


See you there,

Patrick Littlehales

Linda (Gillham) van der Vyver

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Phone: +27 082 922 4772 pr +27 031 765 1859


My parents were George & Margaret Gillham & we were originally from Southampton in the UK. Dad worked for Union Castle all his life & we lived in Mombasa from 1954 to 1962. My sister, Susan & I went to the Mombasa Convent then to the Eldoret Convent, where I completed Std 10. I fondly remember the "school train" from Mombasa to Eldoret, but especially to Nairobi (I wonder why!!? Maybe the boys were on that section). Dad was transferred to Durban at the beginning of 1962 & I have lived here since. Married to Willie (an Afrikaaner) and have 2 fabulous daughters & 4 grandchildren. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Paul Jameson-Hall

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Trying to find Christopher Hodgson who worked at Mount Kenya Safari club 1965 had a

address in Nairobi as C.L.T Hodgson PO box 6979 Nairobi married Christine Ann

eldest daughter of MR and Mrs H Proffitt of Nairobi in 1966.

Guy H Alston-Roberts-West FHBSA

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Message: Lived in Kenya with family from 1956 to 1969. Now residing in West Sussex. Co-author with my brother Leonard as a technical illustrator writer for magazines and books on military subjects. Would like to get in touch with friends.