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The following people have lived in Kenya.
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Ken Holmes <>


Born in Nakuru, Kenya.

Brother of Roy, Shirley, Daphne & Merlyn

Now living in Conyers U.S.A.

Roy Holmes

Born in Kenya. Nakuru School, Prince of Wales.

Kenya Regiment, KR 4240, Rhodesia Jan 1953, "C"Company.

Roy died from cancer on January 28th 2003 at the age of 68.

He will be sorely missed by his friends, by his wife "Anne", his sons "Derek" & "Malcolm" & daughter "Debbie".

Also brother "Ken", sisters "Shirley", " Merlyn " & "Daphne"

He was a loyal friend for 58 years.

Anne Holmes (nee Palfrey)

Email Address:


Anybody out there remember Arusha also Kenya High School (the Boma), Nairobi during the Mau Mau days.

Shirley Norris (nee' Holmes) <>


Ex Eldoret & Arusha. Now in U.S.A.

Sister of Roy, Ken, Merlyn & Daphne.

Robert "Bob" McConnell

Nakuru School [where he was known to his friends as "Akdeeg" or "Deeg" for short].

Also Prince of Wales. Kenya Police Reserve. Fisheries Officer.



McConnell Robert (Bob) MBE, on 24 December 2001.

Bob, Ivan Cronyn, Matt
Bob, Bernard Cronyn, Matt

Dennis Leete writes: I have to report the death of Bob McConnell, here at Fairseat Home. Bob was rejected for service in the Regiment on fitness grounds in 1952, but served in the KPR (Kenya Police reserve), and as a DOKG (District Officer Kikuyu Guard) until he was employed as Fisheries Officer on Lake Rudolph in 1957.

He was an ardent Associate Member and always visited the Clubhouse when in Nairobi. Many of you will remember him at POW school, or if you ever went up to Lake Rudolph on a fishing safari, you were bound to meet him, or fall foul of him if you tried to poach. He became a famous personality up there, teaching the Turkana how to fish, and changing their lives. Indeed, they asked him to be their MP at Legco at Independence, he was that highly thought of. He was a friend of HRH Prince Philip, and Prince Charles who used to visit Rudolph privately, and there is a signed photo of Philip in his album. He was awarded an MBE for his services. In 1976, he joined the United Nations in Southern Sudan at Malakal, also with Fisheries, and moved to Uganda in 1981, up North in Pakwach on the Nile, until he got shot through the thigh in an ambush by the infamous Lords Resistance Army and left for dead under the bodies of his driver and passenger who were both killed.

Bob retired to the Isle of Man, for a few years. but came back and lived in Malindi , until ill health forced him to move into Fairseat about a year ago. A loner who never married, Bob suffered from hydrocephalous. and had a large head, and I suppose was teased as a kid and never dated any girls. He became huge latterly, must have weighed 350lbs or more pounds. But the Turkana didn't worry about that. There are hundreds of Turkana kids called "makono" named after him, as Ian Parker discovered recently when he sailed around the lake in a small boat and asked if they remembered him. At his request, Ian and Gilfred Powys flew him up to visit a few months back. The Turks met him in their thousands, feted him and carried him to the boat, like siafus carrying a nzige! He stayed three days and was glad to get back to Malindi, for they drank him dry!

Already a legend, I guess Bob will become a deity to the Turkana in the course of time?


Sent by Phil Sykes from Kenya Regiment News Letter.


Email from Bernard Cronyn.

Chris Poole<>


Subject: McConnell Robert (Bob).

Sad to read. Bob was a good family friend to us... we lived across the lake at loyangalani at Lake Rudolf' fishing oasis lodge

Robin Humphreys <>


Born in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru School, Prince of Wales.

Emigrated to New Zealand in the '60's.

"A" Grade Motor mechanic. Proprietor of Gardening Aids Ltd, and Albany Mowers & Chainsaws Ltd..

Has two sons, Nicholas and Richard, has a Grandson and two Granddaughter.

"David Humphreys"

Phone: +447773067790


Born in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru School, Prince of Wales.

Went to New Zealand as a teenager to join the Fisheries Department,

then became a Newspaper reporter. Moved to England via Australia, and was the Sub-Editor of the Falmouth Packet in Cornwall. David has now retired. Spends time fishing, gardening, and drinking Beer.

David died aged 74 from a heart attack in May 2018, at his home in Penryn, Cornwall.

Brian Humphreys


Born in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru School, Prince of Wales.

Managed a farm in Kitale. Kenya Regiment 7140.

Was at Massey University in Palmerston North. Worked on a Sugar Estate in South Africa.

Was a partner in "Wairau Mowers & Chainsaws Ltd", built a Yacht "Mawingo" and lived in Manganui, Northland, New Zealand.

Has two daughters, Heather and Catherine.

Brian died from Liver cancer on 10th February 2005. He had just returned from 5 months sailing to & around Fiji. Brian will be sorely missed by his family and friends. More about Brian

Peter Humphreys <>

Phone: 00642040078400


Born in Kenya. Nakuru School, Prince of Wales

Kenya Regiment, 4300, 1953 in Salisbury and then "I" company.

Siret Tea Nandi Hills, Mringa Coffee Arusha, East African Railways Construction, Ruvu Mnyusi, Kilosa Mikumi, Dodoma & Tabora.

Burton Construction, Zambia.

Now living in New Zealand. Has 3 sons, Shane, Michael, & Simon, 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson

Peter Michael Innes-Walker.


Scott House Prince of Wales School, 1946-49.

Kenya Regiment No.KR4426 trained in Salisbury Third force.

Chairman of the New Zealand Branch of the Kenya Regiment Assoc.

6/171 Pigeon Mountain Rd, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand.

John Grimshaw Lomax

Phone 0064 3 318 2652


Christchurch, New Zealand

Kenya Regiment, 4193. Nakuru School, Prince of Wales. Farmed at Rongai.


John died from Cancer early morning of Sunday 27th August 2017.

He was 85 years old.

Stiffy Mercier


Box 81070 Doornpoort 0017 South Africa.

Kenya Regiment

Roger Whittaker (Hank).


Kenya Regiment 4746. Well known singer from Kenya.

Stan Bleazard <>

Phone 0061 (08) 9312 0546


546 Air Force Memorial Estate (AFME),

2 Bull Creek Drive, Bull Creek,

Western Australia 6149

Kenya Regiment, 4242, "I" Company.

P&T Engineer.

Game Warden.

Click to enlarge.

Phil Sykes

Phone: +447981116974


Haven House -- Dickleburgh

Nr Diss Norfolk IP21 4NQ


Prince of Wales - Kenya Regiment, 3964, (seconded to KAR ). Had a farm at Thomsons Falls.

Game Warden in Uganda. Married to Sue Doig.

Has two sons, Ken & Allan & daughter Margaret.

Robert (Bob) Howarth <>


Prince of Wales, Kenya Regiment, 3917.

Now living in U.K.

Michael ( Mick ) Howarth <>

Phone: 0061898416832


Prince of Wales, Kenya Regiment, 4139. Kericho, Kilifi, Naro Moru.

National Parks Zimbabwe. Now retired. Moved to Queensland and was married on 25th January 2009, then moved to Western Australia.

Life in the old dog yet!

Evelyn Howarth <>


Sister of Bob, Mick, Clive and Geoff Howarth and all the rest of the Howarth Clan.

Nakuru School, Nairobi Primary and left Kenya High School 1951.

I am now living in Nanaimo, Western Canada.

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Liz Shelton, left Kenya High School circa 1950. Last seen in London in 1956?

Arthur Gratton (Jim) Cade  0448990754


East African Airways, Kenya Police Reserve, Kenya Regiment KR:6255. Son of Cecil Ewart (Bobby) Cade, the founder of the Animal Orphanage in Nairobi National Park. Now living in Perth, Western Australia.


Jim died in Perth on 26th September 2012 following a heart attack.

Richard Cade <>


Richard and his family lived at Kiambu, father Bobby & mother Eileen, together with brothers Jim, Robin and sister Mary.

Robin was killed in about 1959 when a Land Rover he was travelling in went under a parked truck.

Richard was involved in taking animals to Africa USA, was in the Police Reserve. Later he managed the Pyrethrum extract factory in Arusha, he then moved to Perth in Western Australia. He has a wife Grace, and two sons.

Bernard Cronyn <>


Born in Nairobi 1944. Parents Ivan and Olga Cronyn and sister Maureen. Father had a small farm on the outskirts of Eldoret and I attended the Hill School until 1957 moving on to the Duke of York. I ended my school days at the Delamere School in 1963. I worked for the KCC at Naivasha until emigrating to Durban SA in '65. Divorced with 3 grown children (1 in UK, 2 in SA) I am now living in West Sussex and have a small IT software development company. I keep myself amused at weekends flying elderly gliders (when the lousy weather allows) and fiddling with photography.

Cousin to Jim & Richard Cade.

Terrence Gerald Mullholland


East African Airways, Kenya Regiment KR: 4398. Lived in Nairobi and then moved to 'Scottburg South', 65km from Durban in South Africa. Terry never married and was a bit of a loner. He was very 'Irish', stroppy little man! I last saw him when he visited New Zealand in the early 70's.


Terry died early this year 2008.

Pauline Clay (nee Radford) "Toby Inlet Catchment" <>


Nakuru Primary School, Kenya Girls High School (Boma).

Now married to Brian Clay and living in Western Australia.

Likes riding horses. (Lady Godiva :-)


Pauline died in September 2016.

Pam Eccles (nee Machin) <>

St Mary's Njoro, Nakuru Primary School, Kenya Girls High School (Boma).

Still living in Kenya with husband Gordon at Rongai, where they run "Rongai Workshops" and transport business, managed by Vanessa Evans, their daughter. Gordon died recently.

Vanessa Evans
Gordon Eccles

Brian Muir <>


Prince of Wales, Kenya Regiment, 7200. Emigrated to New Zealand and then moved to Australia, where he was Service Manager for Stihl Co in Perth. His wife, Stella, died of cancer some time ago and Brian has since married Lynda and has been travelling around Australia on an extended honeymoon.

George Kaps <>


Prince of Wales, Kenya Regiment, 6108. Civil engineer for EAR&H, Ruvu Mnyusi construction in Tanzania, Uganda, and then to Kitwe in Zambia, then moved to Natal and joined an engineering firm. He has now retired.


George died of cancer in 2013.

George and Brian at Bamburi with David and Robin,

Mick Rawlings and Sue Smith (nee Denwit) <>


Mick was working for the Agricultural Department in the Soil Conservation Division.

Kenya Regiment, 4197.

Sue and her family came from Naivasha, I was in the same class at Nakuru school with her .

They were growing Olives in New Zealand.

Mick passed away on 23rd July 2008. Another old friend gone!

Niki G. Suri <>


Born in Nakuru September 1969. At age 12 went to Mulven Girls School, England. Continued education through The University of Sheffield, England with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1992. While on vacation in Florida and receiving a private pilots license and private sea-plane license, Made a decision to relocate to Florida. Attended New York University and received a Doctor of Dental Surgery diploma in May 1998. Passed the Florida Dental Board in December 1998 and is now practicing as a dentist in Florida.

Manish Ahluwali<>


Born in Nakuru 14/8/75. Studied Optometry at Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

Currently working for Boots Opticians in UK.

Joan Gasson nee Williamson<>


Lived in Nanyuki Kenya for many years, previously married to John Gasson, a farmer there.

Attended several primary schools in Kenya and the Boma now live in Western Australia

Robert Gasson <>


I was born in Nanyuki Hospital 06 Sept 1967 to my parents John and Joan Gasson (the latter mentioned in this wonderful segment) Hi Mum, Have two sisters Elizabeth and Joyce, Elizabeth lives in the United States and Jo in Western Australia both have their own families.

Emigrated to Perth Western Australia 1970-71. Educated at Darlington Primary 1973-1979 and Guildford Grammar School 1980-1985, where I coincidently met a son of Hugh Smith (Andrew) from Nakuru Kenya, returned to Mombasa 1993, year after my father passed away( love the old country).

Am now married and live in Queensland soon to return to Perth with my 1st Generation Australian Daughter Jade 5 yrs.

I would just like to say I know you all remember Kenya really well, I only have a child's remembrance, however a child's outlook is never spoilt.

Robin E Stobbs <>



1 Grant Street, Grahamstown 6139, South Africa

Tel. and Fax: +27 (0)46 6226592 Cell Phone (when it's switched on!): 082 517 2474

Born Nairobi. Prince of Wales. Support Coy. EA Tanning Extract Co., Vet. Labs. Trained medical tech in UK, emigrated to South Africa, eventually joined staff of Rhodes University. Now retired! Landscape, architectural and scale ships/boats models.

Jitze Couperus<>


Pembroke House (GilGil) 1950-1954 then the Patch (POW) Hawke House till 1959

or so - memory fails. One of the last to go (very briefly) into Kenya Reg before being seconded to KAR in Jinja (Uganda).

Lived in California for last 30 years

"Dave Lichtenstein" <>


Parents farmed in Njoro, Kipkarren and Lessos/Burnt Forest. Attended Hill School, Eldoret & Duke of York School (Delamere House). Worked for KCC at Sotik and Thomsons Falls. Special interest in maintaining data bases for these schools, the KCC as well as those areas where my parents farmed. I also organise an annual All East African Schools picnic on the 4th Sunday in October in Sydney, Australia where I currently reside. (Please refer to  for accounts of and photos of past picnics.) For further details on all these EA related projects please contact me at my e-mail address above.


At the "Thorn tree" New Stanley Hotel, Nairobi when it was a decent place to be in. This was a popular meeting place for people from out of town.